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Freebies for same-sex couples, pending equality

BY ALEX EUGENE The City of Sydney has made it clear they are optimistic about the outcome of the same-sex marriage postal vote, after locking in a major freebie for gay couples in lieu of their legal ability to wed. Last week the council’s only Labor councillor, Linda Scott successfully moved a motion that would […]

Yes and No go head to head

BY ALEC SMART A rally to promote the Yes vote for the plebiscite on marriage equality is planned in Sydney for this Sunday, 10 September. The rally comes at a time when each side is stepping up their campaigns, with increasing acrimony between various factions, amidst accusations that the No vote is underpinned by homophobia […]

Young voters must enrol for same-sex marriage postal poll

BY ALEX EUGENE Young and first-time voters must urgently enrol to vote if they want to have their say on same-sex marriage. All Australians need to have their postal vote in the mail by August 24. The fight for equality is on again, this time in the form of a survey which will cost taxpayers […]