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The Conference (Die Wannseekonferenz) – REVIEW

No visual horror, no graphic imagery, no depictions of violence, yet this film will chill you to the core.  in January, 1942, a conference took place in the Wannsee Villa, a magnificent mansion on Lake Wannsee on the outskirts of Berlin. It was a star chamber of 15 elite Nazi personnel, organised and led by […]

Sidney Nolan’s untold story of Auschwitz

The Sydney Jewish Museum is holding a very special exhibition of Sidney Nolan paintings: Shaken To His Core: The Untold Story Of Nolan’s Auschwitz”. Known best for his depictions of bushrangers, Nolan also produced  a series of paintings of Nazi monster Adolf Eichmann during his trial in 1961. Nolan had been invited to attend the […]

The God Of Isaac

Picking up the issues raised by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre his 1944 essay Anti-Semite And Jew, American playwright James Sherman explores themes of identity, love, anti-Semitism and the inter-generational effects of the Holocaust in his play The God Of Isaac, directed for Eternity by Moira Blumenthal. Featuring in the role of Isaac, Lloyd Allison-Young explains that […]

Graffiti distresses Holocaust survivors

BY VANESSA LIM Swastika graffiti has struck Bondi twice now, potentially distressing Holocaust survivors who may suffer from trauma and PTSD. The February swastika graffiti attack has been followed up by another attack in April at various places including the Bondi Beach murals. NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff denounced the anti-semitic […]


There are few subjects as hot to the touch as the Holocaust, nor any more incendiary than Holocaust denial, so it’s hard to imagine why a film maker would even venture there.Yet director Mick Jackson has in his latest film, Denial. It’s the true story of a legal battle between notorious academic and Holocaust denier, […]


From Poland comes Ida, an award-winning film which touches on the Jewish holocaust and explores lost identities and dark family secrets. Set in Poland in the early 1960s, the story centres on Anna (Agata Trzebuchowska), a nun who visits her estranged Aunt (Agata Kulesza) before taking her vows. She learns of her Jewish heritage and […]

On the record: Waverley’s migrant history

Waverley Council will record the historical experiences of Jewish immigrants in Waverley after World War II. The initiative will document the stories of Jewish migrants and their descendants who initially settled in Waverley after their arrival in Sydney. Councillor Leon Goltsman said the initiative was developed to acknowledge the struggles of post-war Jewish families and […]