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Dresden captures that one moment in someone’s life when everything changes, that one moment which is guiding one’s life into a completely different direction. It was Wagner’s extraordinary Opera Rienzi which 70 years later inspired Hitler so intensely that his passion caused one of the biggest catastrophes the world has ever seen. Dresden tells “the story […]

Hitler Versus Picasso

In an interview around the time of the Second World War, Picasso had allegedly told a reporter, "Painting is not done to decorate apartments, it is an instrument of war for attack and defend against the enemy." Hitler Versus Picasso is pretty much a summation of that thought. It's a movie describing Hitler's love for […]

REVIEW: Diplomacy

French playwright Cyril Gély has written a fascinating play that explores the power of diplomacy and the influence of well-chosen words and an engaging manner. The work examines the conversation that could have taken place between the Swedish Consul General Raoul Nordling (played by the inimitable John Gaden) and General Dietrich von Choltitz, Military Governor […]

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Bertolt Brecht’s 1941 classic The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui is returning to the Sydney Theatre Company’s stage to present a modern twist on the rise of dangerous forces. Officially telling the story of the rise of Hitler and fascism, they have adapted the story so audiences of today can relate. Actor, Mitchell Butel said, […]


Set in November 1939, this WWII drama is the incredible true story of George Elser, a German who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler, one of the world’s most feared men. Elser (Christian Friedel) had a sixth sense about the fuher and claimed “Hitler is bad for Germany”, realising earlier than most of the peril and bloodshed […]

German Concentration Camps Factual Survey

The German Concentration Camps Factual Survey is an official documentary which illustrates the atrocities committed against the Jews during World War II, highlighting horrific footage from the camps immediately after liberation. Eddie Tamir, director of The Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF) is one of the few people in Australia who has seen this documentary. “This is […]


It’s surreal, yet somehow unsurprising, that a 2012 Helpmann Award-winning play about the Hindu god Ganesh travelling through Nazi Germany to reclaim the swastika was conceived and performed by the Back to Back Theatre from Geelong, Victoria. Ganesh Versus the Third Reich, a heart-warming yet disarming play about life’s difficulties and overcoming obstacles, will make […]

I owe my life to Hitler’s V1 bomb

Sydneysider: A personal journey I’m writing this on my 65th birthday – an occasion to ruminate on the fact that one might not have had a life at all. I was my parents first child, but I, me, as I know myself, would not have been conceived had mum not had a miscarriage in the […]