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Majestic Harvest

It’s only their tenth day but Majestic Harvest is already getting slammed by a mix of old school Petersham and those ever-present young renovators. Yet despite some hipster trappings - Edison bulbs, cold drip, food on boards, ‘cold pressed’ Daily Juice ($6.50) and dishes presented in frypans - the food is remarkably honest and free from (much) pretension.


Leveraging off a series of legendary pop-ups, including one in Opera Australia’s back lot, the Full Circle crew have snaffled semi-permanent digs on a sundrenched back street in Leichhardt.

Naked City: When hipsters were really hip!

  Every now and then a newly invented word from a half decade ago is revamped in the modern lingo with a twist of reconstructed meaning. Take the word ‘hipster’, which these days seems to apply to anybody with a Ned Kelly beard, a pair of skin-tight jeans, and a penchant for hanging around funky […]

All Good Things Eatery

If Devon and Cornersmith had a love child, this is what it would look like. Between their chosen font, the distressed furniture – down to a wooden ladder leaning against the wall housing pepper shakers - and old-fashioned light switches linked to caged Edison bulbs, nearly all the hipster clichés are covered.

Quarrymans Hotel

While the outward facelift hadn’t attracted my attention, the steampunk interior of this Pyrmont stalwart made me smile. From boilerplate bar, to repurposed materials like cracked leather stools and a railway signboard listing two dozen on-tap Aussie craft brews, it was hard to take it all in!