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Hidden – A Rookwood Sculpture Walk

Cemeteries are intrinsically ambiguous places, commemorating death and life at once. Many people visit them for contemplation of both, and Rookwood Cemetery adds another dimension with Hidden, a sculpture walk through the oldest part of the grounds. Since 1867, the cemetery, one of the oldest in Australia and reputedly the largest necropolis in the Southern […]


Rookwood, Australia’s oldest cemetery, will play host to a unique outdoor sculptural exhibition. Hidden, established in 2009, showcases work from 40 selected artists, transforming parts of the iconic cemetery. The exhibition hopes to challenge the perception of cemeteries being morbid, while highlighting the cultural diversity Rookwood is renowned for. Sydney-based Barbara Licha will have her […]


Every step stirs a song. Only you have strayed up here alone, a voice from the feet uttered on the lower jaw of the ground, like the feelings of birds your steps become airborne and ephemeral. Likewise they then can come to rest in silence, in the wrinkles and leafy recesses of a shady tree, […]