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Art Attack – Introduction To The World

By #ArtAttack STAGE Now that our State Government has unlocked the city, they’ve inadvertently unshackled Sydney’s most notorious art sleuth, #ArtAttack.  I am the nosiest, most inquisitive social influencer in town, and I’m here to defibrillate all of the latest news out of the arts and entertainment scene of our fine city for my followers. […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide Jun 8

Catherine Traicos: Following the release of her sixth album in January this year Traicos is now returning to the stage to celebrate the release of her new single Crashing. The new song is a hypnotic, indie-rock laden track that features cello, pulsing drum and bass and sparse, yet intelligent guitar melodies. Thu, Jun 8, The […]


This weekend the world of surfing descends upon Manly. To close out the day with a punch and keep the high energy atmosphere flowing into the night one of the hottest electronic beat acts, Hermitude, will be performing a very rare free show. Although neither Luke Dubbber (a.k.a. Luke Dubs) or Angus Stuart (a.k.a. El […]

Hermitude – Dark Night Sweet Light

Precise yet unrestrained is the biggest compliment I can give the Sydney duo’s fifth studio album. With this release the pair have created a unique concoction of hip-hop, electronic soul and big bass heavy tunes that will be a beacon for the emerging Australian future beats sound to follow. The album has a roundedness to […]