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REVIEW: A Doll’s House at Ensemble Theatre

Henrik Ibsen’s classic 1879 play A Doll's House gets a make-over in Joanna Murray-Smith’s adaptation for the Ensemble Theatre. In this adaptation there are fewer characters, it’s set in modern times, and some of the plot details have been updated. Whether the play survives the transformation with its original vision in tact is a moot point. […]

REVIEW: An Enemy Of The People

Melissa Reeves has re-written Henrik Ibsen’s play, updating it for modern times and swapping out the male protagonist for a female. The result proves that very little ever changes where politics and human nature are involved. The plot remains more or less the same: a small, insignificant town finds prosperity and renown when its natural […]

An Enemy Of The People

What does it mean to be a whistleblower in this day and age? Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy Of The People has been adapted by Melissa Reeves for the Belvoir stage. In a town wanting to preference economic stability over social considerations, Katherine Stockman (Kate Mulvany) makes the discovery that the famous town water is toxic. In trying to […]

A Doll’s House

Henrik Ibsen’s classic drama, A Doll’s House, is a beautifully haunting and tragic play with huge historical significance. Considered the birth of the modern drama as we know it, audiences were seeing real life situations enacted out on stage, snapshots of life, in a new dramatic form, realism. It also has a landmark leading female […]

REVIEW: Ghosts

Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts is a historical melodrama, written in 188, which tackles some issues that were highly taboo at the time of writing. Ghosts portrays a closed household community with local Pastor Manders an integral and influential part of the Alving estate. It was a devout religious world then with the Catholic and Lutheran churches very […]


The Depot Theatre brings a long lost and taboo play back to life with it's upcoming production of Ghosts. “It was a highly religious world in Norway in 1881 when Henrik Ibsen wrote Ghosts, both the Catholic and Lutheran churches were very prominent," explained Emily McGowan, who plays housemaid Regina in the play. "The play couldn’t […]

A Doll’s House

Renowned theatre director Adam Cook has sunk his teeth into the critically acclaimed 1879 Henry Ibsen play A Doll's House and will be showing his efforts at the Seymour Centre. “It's set in the original period, so the audience can see how the world was like 135 odd years ago, and can then compare it […]