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British Film Festival

British filmmakers produce some of the best cinema in the world, evident from this year’s alluring selection of 20 films screening at the British Film Festival. The festival opens with Military Wives, a film that centres on a lady (Kristin Scott Thomas) who forms a women’s choir in a military base while their husbands are […]

The Leisure Seeker

What initially appears to be a run-of-the-mill roadie flick, quickly transpires into an emotionally-binding film with universal themes which should have audiences laughing and crying simultaneously. The story surrounds Ella (Helen Mirren), an elderly lady who along with her husband John (Donald Sutherland), board their recreational van appropriately known as The Leisure Seeker and embark […]


Supernatural horror film Winchester is an Australian/American co-production directed by the Spierig Brothers, who wrote the screenplay alongside Tom Vaughn. The film stars Aussie Jason Clarke, with Helen Mirren and Sarah Snook. Filmed in Melbourne and inspired by the true events that followed, firearm heiress Sarah Winchester (Mirren) believes her mansion is haunted by souls […]


The moral fibres of warfare are astutely examined in this high-paced British thriller, which will captivate and ultimately divide audiences as the controversial subject matter transpires. Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) heads a drone mission to capture a most-wanted group of terrorists living in a safe house in Nairobi, Kenya, but when an imminent suicide […]


Red 2 is the action-comedy sequel to the worldwide 2010 hit bringing former black-ops CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) out of retirement. He travels the world with his elite team in search of a missing portable nuclear device which threatens the balance of world power. Survival is the objective as terrorists, assassins and corrupt government […]


At first it’s quite strange to watch a play on screen at the cinema, but Helen Mirren’s brilliant performance in The Audience overcomes any doubts you might have. The idea behind the play is a series of meetings between the Queen and the British Prime Ministers throughout her reign to date. From Churchill to Major, […]