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The Lost Boys of Sudan

Can you conceive of seeing your best friend eaten alive, only feet away from where you stand? I can't. The man sitting beside me is telling me how this happened to him, and that is only a small part of his amazing story. The original Lost Boys of Sudan were some 25,000 mainly boys (girls […]


It is the world’s last great wilderness, expansive, desolate and yet full of some of nature’s most impressive life. Sadly, despite the Antarctic being widely uninhabited by man, the wildlife there are in need of protection from them. Enter Sea Shepherd’s ship, the Bob Barker, a vessel with 120 volunteer marine activists from 25 countries […]


The annual Head On Photo Festival, founded in 2004 by current curator Moshe Rosenzveig, has been quite a success story over the last few years. From its comparatively humble beginnings as a national portraiture prize, Head On has expanded to its current state as a fully fledged festival and public not-for-profit company, devoted to showcasing […]