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REVIEW: Cry-Baby

Hayes Theatre Co, the Potts Point’s gem that specialises in quirky musicals, has hit the mark again, with the Australian premiere of Cry-Baby. An energetic, exciting, exhilarating production that packs a mighty punch on the small intimate stage, Cry-Baby’s big cast of 14 talented actors compensate with insane running up and down the aisles, and […]

Creating Together

By Rita Bratovic. Being an independent artist can be rewarding and frustrating in equal measure; from the creative burden of staying fresh and interesting, or the practical dilemma of finding money for the next project, to the exhilaration of breaking new ground and thrilling new audiences. Collaboration is a way for artists to access more […]


This Broadway sensation which is based on Mark Twain's classic 1884 novel The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, returns to the stage nearly 30 years after it debuted at Her Majesty's Theatre in Sydney. The show boasts a wonderful cast of 12 actors and Cameron Daddo who played the titular role in the original Australian production, portrays Pap, Huck's […]

Death Of Community Theatre

By Jade Morellini For centuries, theatre has been driving a rich culture of storytelling among communities, expressing the voices of many and uniting them as one. Theatres provide a place to discuss new ideas and to stimulate conversations about events occurring around the world, or to question the norms. After the devastating news surfaced of […]

The View Upstairs

In 1973 a fire in the Upstairs Lounge, a covert gay bar in New Orleans, killed 32 people and left a hideous scar on the entire community. Stories and images of the incident are truly harrowing. It doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you’d write a musical about, yet lyricist/composer Max Vernon has done […]

Darlinghurst Nights

Bringing Kenneth Slessor’s poetry to life, the timeless Australian musical Darlinghurst Nights is showing at the Hayes Theatre. Exploring the depths of life, the musical is based on memories of the cross and searches for a world without fear of intolerance. Composer, Max Lambert explained. “It’s about someone thinking back on their life, Slessor lived […]

Big Fish

Mention musicals and most people think big stage, big cast, big budget. They run for big seasons with big advertising budgets, that sees them sprawled across bus shelters and AM radio. Sure ‘Mega-musicals’ have their place but sometimes entertainment supplants art and one can walk out wondering whether they have really ‘felt’ anything or just […]

REVIEW: Calamity Jane

For a neglected musical, it sure has a lot of love! The Hayes Theatre's current production of Calamity Jane is one of those shows you enjoy all the more because the cast is having so much fun. In the style of "neglected musical", where a show has a short rehearsal period, freestyle ad libbing, forgivable […]

Calamity Jane

The Hayes Theatre is presenting yet another musical classic, Calamity Jane, with a production that needs to face off against a definitive movie version and the indelible image of Doris Day in the lead role. However, in the true spirit of the fearless, rambunctious Jane, Virginia Gay takes that challenge, swings it around her head […]

Love and Death and an American Guitar

Love and Death and an American Guitar is back due to an overwhelming response following an extremely successful run as part of The Hayes Theatre Co inaugural Cabaret Season. The production will make its return to the Hayes Theatre stage for three nights only. “Everything in the show is pretty much the same, expect for […]