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Northlane – Alien

Sydney rockers Northlane return with another driving hardcore rock record, but this time they have sprinkled in plenty of soul and heart. Lyrically and thematically this record is a departure from Northlane’s roots. On previous outings, the group had chosen to focus on broad societal issues whereas with Alien they have chosen to look inward […]

The Amity Affliction – Misery

Even if you’re not a devout listener of hardcore rock you will have undoubtably heard of The Amity Affliction, you may have even rocked out to one of their more notable past releases. Bearing this in mind the latest record from the group, Misery, carries with it a daunting weight of expectations. Immediately the records […]

Trophy Eyes – The American Dream

The third record from Trophy Eyes has them continuing to blur the boarders between punk/hardcore and pop-rock. This time around with The American Dream the band are taking an introspective look at life as they search for a utopian dreamland free from the vile toxicity spewed across social media today. With this record the group […]

Sanctum & Solace – Made Wrong

North Queensland hardcore outfit Sanctum & Solace’s new EP Made Wrong is full of insight into the human condition amidst a chaotic soundscape. Over the course of the six song EP the group explore the major flaws facing many modern people. The main talking points are the fixation on the shallow satisfaction sought from material […]

Northlane – Mesmer

The unannounced surprise release of their fourth album Mesmer has Northlane cement themselves as one of Australia’s premier hardcore acts. This record marks the second release with new vocalist Marcus Bridge at the helm of Northlane and proves that he has settled into a groove with the other members. Bridge’s vocal work here is captivating […]

Pierce The Veil – Misadventures

Upon an initial play through, it would be easy to simply categorise the new record from San Diego post-hardcore group Pierce The Veil as simple pop-punk with occasional aggressive elements. However this record is much more deep and nuanced than it first appears. The song writing throughout the album is much more emotive than it […]

Stories – The Youth To Become

Sydneysiders Stories come out swinging in the first few tracks of their album, and pack quite a punch delivering fast hardcore punk. Then just as you’re about to be beaten into submission by their opening flurry, the band switches things up by slowing the tempo and consoling you back to full strength. The remainder of […]