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Hamilton set to reopen at the Lyric Theatre next month

Lin-Manuel Miranda's smash hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, is set to reopen at the Lyric Theatre on October 19. After opening in March the show proved to be incredibly popular, which led to an extension of the season. However, with the introduction of stay-at-home orders in June all scheduled performances between June 25 and October 17 […]

In The Heights

Directed by Jon M. Chu the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's first broadway hit, yes even before Hamilton, In The Heights is a bright and colourful love letter to Latin culture in New York. In The Heights places bodega owner Usnavi de la Vega (Anthony Ramos) at the core of the film to guide the […]

REVIEW: Hamilton

The Australian production of Hamilton has been presented with a very unique opportunity, as one of the only major live theatre productions occurring in the world, and if it could speak it would most certainly say "I'm not throwing away my shot!" This version of Lin-Manuel Miranda's instant classic takes all of the elements that […]

Keeping The Lights On, Barely

BY ANNIE LEWIS The devastating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic have been far-reaching, and the arts sector has ground to a halt in many ways as a result. From the Opera House and Capitol Theatre right through to the Belvoir and Giant Dwarf theatres there have even a plethora of cancelled shows as a cloud […]

The Dismissal

Director, actor and producer, Jay James Moody and his very own Theatre Company, Squabbalogic, are presenting a brand new musical based on the dismissal of Gough Whitlam at the Seymour Centre. It will be a short run as the production is billed as a pre-world premiere which means that the company needs to gauge audience […]

In The Heights

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote his first musical, In The Heights, in 1999, setting it in the New York City ghetto, Washington Heights, and basing it on the immigrant community that lives there. But though the details are specific, the message is universal according to Luke Joslin, director of a new production of the musical being staged […]