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Westconnex bottoms out

Inner West residents learned for the first time last week that the WestConnex Stage 3 tunnel between Haberfield and St Peters would be less than 20 metres under some of their homes. NSW Planning approved the project in April with only an ‘indicative route’. Since then residents have been waiting for a map. The final […]

No reprieve for the Inner West

By Peter Hehir In spite of huge resident opposition, in just a few days – while the bulk of the NSW population embraces holiday mode, the black shirts who form the NSW Government, will seal the fate of the Inner West. The Minister for Planning will again scrawl an illegible signature across the bottom of […]

Julie Choo Shoes litmus test

By Peter Hehir Julie Bishop decries the rise of the populist movement worldwide but fails to see that the reason for it is clearly because of the disaffection – bordering on contempt, for mainstream political parties. Nowhere is this more evident than here in NSW. The big majority that the NSW Liberals currently hold was […]

WestConnex dumps dive sites

By Wendy Bacon Two dangerous WestConnex dive sites have been dumped by Lendlease, the lead contractor appointed to build the Stage 3 WestConnex tunnel between St Peters and Haberfield. This is a big win for residents but leaves open a serious question. Why were these two sites approved by NSW Planning in the first place? […]

Residents shut down Concord WestConnex site

BY WENDY BACON Residents shut down a WestConnex construction site in Concord for two hours on Tuesday morning to protest against what they call the ‘sham’ approval of the M4 East  tunnel, the tollway planned between Homebush and Haberfield in Sydney’s Inner West. The demonstration followed days of protesting at drilling sites in Tempe on […]

Baird accused of being blind to Westconnex pressure on older residents

BY WENDY BACON AND NICOLE GOOCH The Westconnex Action Group has accused NSW Premier Mike Baird of misleading the public in his defence of Westconnex’s treatment of hundreds of people who are losing their homes and businesses to make way for the 33 kilometre tollway system. Last weekend during a residents’ protest in Haberfield, Arthur […]

Westconnex harbors big problems in Haberfield

BY WENDY BACON While families elsewhere focus on school holidays that begin next week, Haberfield families have grimmer thoughts on their minds. They are worried about the tunnel exits, unfiltered ventilations stacks and home demolitions that will devastate their neighbourhood if the Westconnex M4 tunnel goes ahead. So much so that on Wednesday this week, […]

Babies and bowlers a stepping stone to success, says club

The struggling Balmain Bowling Club is set to pin its hopes on a much younger crowd as talks progress to lease out part of its premises for a childcare centre, despite strong opposition from some members. The smaller of the 135-year-old club’s two bowling greens will be leased to childcare provider My Stepping Stones, which […]