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The sight of large crowd numbers at the recent football grand finals in Sydney and Brisbane drew mixed reactions. Admittedly capacity was reduced to around half and COVID protocols observed, however, there was some concern to see so many people gathered together in such close proximity. On the other hand others welcomed it as a […]

Thunder Fox

Six friends with six dramatically different musical backgrounds and influences have come together over the course of the last few years to create music which is like no other. Thunder Fox’s unique style has already seen the group performing alongside a number of major acts, at major festivals and also touring throughout Europe. When asked […]

The Angels – 40 Years of Rock, Volume 1: 40 Greatest Studio Hits

While The Angels never reached the commercial heights of AC/DC or the Oils, this compilation shows why they’re the quintessential Aussie pub rock band. The songs here – including Dogs Are Talking, Marseilles, and Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again? – constitute a must-have for any hard rock aficionado, with The Angels […]