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The changing face of Pyrmont

By ALLISON HORE NSW Govt and private consortiums are presenting development plans for Pyrmont’s future... Pyrmont through the ages has had many faces. The face of Pyrmont today looks a lot different to the Pyrmont that was a working class port area, and the derelict Pyrmont scarred by decades of quarrying of the 1980s. Over […]

Brakes taken off NSW development approvals

Opinion by MERRILL WITT A great leap forward? If you know a little about the history of China, you may have been bemused to read that Tom Forrest, the new CEO of Urban Taskforce, described the recently announced planning system reforms as "a great leap forward for jobs, housing supply and the NSW economy." As […]

Pyrmont in the cross-hairs

By ALLISON HORE Following the release of the results from the Greater Sydney Commission’s review of the planning protocols in Pyrmont at the end of last month, Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the NSW Government’s intentions to “transform” Pyrmont into “the next jobs hub”. “For our city and State to continue to be the jobs capital […]

Big Sydney comes at a cost to environment

By Merrill Witt Last week, in a presentation to the Property Council, the newly appointed Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes, gave a surprisingly candid assessment of the NSW planning system. He said that "the culture of development that has grown up in this city has pitted in many ways supposedly avaricious developers against supposedly blinkered […]

Protection for the Victorian ring

By Peter Hehir With the pro developer NSW Government refreshed following their narrow win in the recent election, we can now expect a renewed attack on the historic suburbs that ring the CBD. Thanks to the Greater Sydney Commission, the legislation exists to increase the density of these historic and visually attractive precincts by 35%. […]

OPINION: On common ground

BY PETER HEHIR And so it begins. Glad the Impaler has hit the airwaves, telling us all how successful she’s been at raiding the public pantry and flogging off the spoils. On the other side of the political divide, Jo Halen is busy telling her Summer Hill electorate just how much WestConnex is on the […]

Don’t “board” up NSW: Greens

BY CAROLINE WAGNER This month, the Greater Sydney Commission Bill passed through NSW Parliament, with the aim to improve strategic planning in Sydney. Labor and The Coalition both voted in favour of the bill on November 12, with the hope that the current disorganised system of planning will be replaced with a more holistic approach. […]

Big city’s big idea

A one-stop shop to modernise the way the New South Wales Government’s major infrastructure and urban planning priorities are delivered in Sydney is being developed. NSW Premier Mike Baird and Planning Minister Pru Goward announced plans to establish a “Greater Sydney Commission” which could be tasked with priorities such as implementing the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy, […]