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Robot Song

Written and directed by Jolyon James, Robot Song incorporates digital technology with live performance to create an optimistic and relatable theatre show aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 12. Showing at Glen Street Theatre for only two nights this July, Robot Song is a heartwarming theatre show for kids and adults alike. […]

Possum Magic

Mem Fox’s timeless Australian classic Possum Magic is taking to the stage in an all-new adaptation at Glen Street Theatre this week. Possum Magic has enchanted children and adults alike since the picture book’s first publication in 1983 and is still a beloved fixture in classrooms and homes across Australia. This week, Monkey Baa Theatre […]

The Dapto Chaser

The Dapto Chaser is an Australian dramatic comedy, written by playwright Mary Rachel Brown. The play follows the Sinclair family who raise greyhounds for a living, illustrating the strong relationship between men and animals. At the core of the play, it examines the modern family struggles which many people may face. Specifically, the show touches […]

5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche

It’s 1956 in small town America. The Cold War is becoming glacial but the Susan B. Anthony Society For The Sisters Of Gertrude Stein stoically decides they’ll still hold their annual quiche breakfast.  And then, as director Nathanael Cooper puts it: “A certain thing happens that leaves them all trapped in the bunker where they […]

Review: Relatively Speaking

Alan Ayckbourn is a prolific British playwright, and a keen observer of human flaws and cultural idiosyncrasies. He is particularly good at examining English sensibilities and translating them through comedy that borders on sardonic. Relatively Speaking, his first successful play, is a good example. Written in 1967, its plot is a twisted pretzel of misunderstanding, deception […]

Johanna Allen sings The Songs That Got Away

You may not have heard of Harold Arlen, but you've undoubtedly been touched by his music. While Arlen himself remained an enigma, performers Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne and Judy Garland all became famous singing his songs. 'Stormy Weather', 'The Man That Got Away', 'Blues in the Night', 'Get Happy', 'One for My Baby', 'Paper Moon' and 'Somewhere Over […]

Never Did Me Any Harm

In this dance production, co-produced by Force Majeure and Sydney Theatre Company, Alan Flower plays various roles including a child and a father. The story examines modern parenting, and the many ways to get it wrong, right, or somewhere in between. Inspired by Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap, Flower also described it as a way of […]

Hippo! Hippo!

Since it was first published in 1980, the Australian children’s classic There’s A Hippopotamus On Our Roof Eating Cake has been in continual print world wide. It has been adapted into cartoon and film and now it is being realised on stage as the musical Hippo! Hippo! Created by award-winning producer Gary Ginivan, with songs […]

Senior Moments

Senior Moments is a comedy revue filled with numerous sketches depicting the lives of the elderly. Actor Russell Newman, who has been in the industry for 50 years, says growing older is all about realising society is moving along but somehow you’re not moving along with it. “It's a series of sketches linked together, I think […]

The Good Doctor

Instead of having one long narrative, The Good Doctor at Glen Street Theatre will be composed of seven to eight mini narratives going for 15-20 minutes each. These plays written by Neil Simon will channel the works of Russian playright Chekhov. These short plays are mostly of a comedic nature and each scene is obscure and […]