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Turner’s Turn

Turner's Turn is a cabaret show created by Australian icon, Geraldine Turner, in which she sings many of her musical numbers and tells great stories about her life on the stage. Turner is one of Australia’s brightest stars both on stage and on screen. A grand dame of theatre musicals, including, Oliver, Chicago, Anything Goes […]

Picasso And His Dog

Everybody knows of the famed painter Pablo Picasso. But very few know of his dog, Lump, who lived with Picasso for 16 years and developed an unbreakable between the pair. Inspired by a true story, Picasso And His Dog is a delightful show which celebrates the animals with whom we share our lives while exploring […]

Horrible Harriet

Even before school holidays begin Glen Street Theatre in conjunction with CDP Productions is bringing a fun new play draw children into the enthralling theatre scene. Based off of the children's book Horrible Harriet by Leigh Hobbs the play is centred around Harriet who is wicked, wild and wonderful but what she wants more than anything […]


If the absurdity of the political climate has left Australia in a state of despair, then the latest Wharf Revue provides an excellent remedy to one’s despondency. Written and created by Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott, this singing, dancing extravaganza, features Amanda Bishop, Simon Burke and Andrew Worboys joined by Jonathan Biggins and […]


Danielle Everett is a professional entertainer through and through, and is treating Sydney audiences to a one-off concert. She sings, dances and acts, and could probably do all three riding backwards bareback on a horse. In fact, it’s highly likely this is the performer turned horse-trainer’s daily yoga-equivalent. While she won’t actually be entering Glen […]


When brothers Ian and Ben return to Sydney for their Father's 75th birthday in David Williamson's When Dad Married Fury, they come home to some big surprises. Their Father, worth $100 million, has married ex-beauty queen Fury who is half his age. Without a pre-nup the future of the brothers' inheritance is uncertain. Director Denis Moore […]


The magical world of Emily Eyefinger will leap from the pages of Duncan Ball’s much-loved children’s book series and onto the stage in a return season of Monkey Baa Theatre’s popular production. The play follows the exploits of Emily Eyefinger, a young girl born with the unusual gift of an eye on her forefinger. She […]


Following on from TaikOz’s evocative production last year (Shifting Sand) comes a spectacular new collaboration called TaikoDeck with prominent Melbourne DJ and producer Max Royce-Hampton. “We are always looking for new connections and collaborations,” says long-standing TaikOz cast member Anton Lock. “TaikoDeck is about respecting tradition but finding our own Australian voice and accent. At […]


Back in 2008 it was the most famous table in the country. White and plastic, outside a kebab shop in downtown Wollongong, where a group of powerful men met to plot. Dubbed "The Table of Knowledge", it spawned a corruption scandal that engulfed and eventually led to the sacking of the Wollongong Council. Based almost […]


Tin Pan Alley, West 28th Street Manhattan, was the iconic centre of popular music writing in the early part of the twentieth century. In the days where the family piano was the prime source of entertainment, it gave birth to legendary writers like Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and Harry Warren. It was a place and […]