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Giant Dwarf Reopens

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown our arts institutions were some of the hardest hit. Perhaps none more so than Giant Dwarf Theatre, who were about to reopen in their new venue when the lockdowns came into effect. Now after four long months the venue is finally able to welcome patrons in to enjoy shows. Since the […]

Giant Dwarf Left Homeless

By Madison Behringer After operating as a vibrant and thriving venue in the heart of Sydney for six years, Giant Dwarf Theatre is being forced to relocate due to a massive rent increase. Co-founders Nikita Agzarian and Julian Morrow set up shop at 199 Cleveland Street in Redfern in 2014 after signing a lease with […]

Rove at the YACK Festival

Coming to the Giant Dwarf Theatre, November 5-19 is YACK, a new festival in Sydney about banging on, featuring some of the funniest and provocative comedy, panels and podcasts. The festival will be host to some of the biggest names in Australian comedy including Wil Anderson, Rove McManus and Tom Ballard. The festival has been said […]

The Axis of Awesome – Won’t Ever Not Stop Giving Up

It began with the kind of throbbing piano energy you might expect, and the crowd filling Sydney’s foremost alternative comedy venue were already whooping and cheering as keyboardist/vocalist Benny and guitarist/sometimes far-back vocalist Lee entered the stage and kicked off the show. “…Things are a little different, from the last time we were here. One […]

Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2014

The Antenna Documentary Film Festival has 35 features from over 20 countries, opening with Bugarach – a film about the small town in France that is predicted to be the only survivor of the Mayan doomsday prophecy. Emerging filmmakers appear alongside established names such as Martin Scorsese and his latest documentary, The 50 Year Argument. […]