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George St businesses suffer alone in compensation loss

BY RYAN QUINN The NSW Government has ignored small businesses in the light rail compensation package, with millions pledged to aid government agencies. City of Sydney Councillor and George Street business owner Angela Vithoulkas said she was one of 700 businesses that would be negatively burdened by the light rail construction. She said she was […]

Naked City: Son of Cinerama

  It’s a well-worn adage that there’s nothing new under the sun and maybe that applies to the whiz-bang curved screen TVs that have been hitting Sydney shops of late. It is all part of the relentless march of technology designed to make last year’s product seem not only obsolete, but socially unfashionable if you […]

Pedal power reaches Redfern

Sydney cyclist Adam Spencer celebrates the opening of the new bike network extension in Redfern on Saturday. The bicycle network in Sydney moved up a gear when the George St cycleway officially opened with a "Roll Through Redfern" on Saturday. The new 2.4km cycleway was opened by Lord Mayor Clover Moore before hundreds of enthusiasts […]

New city cycleway to bridge gap in Sydney’s bike network

The City of Sydney has announced the opening of a new 2.4km cycleway along George St which links Zetland, Waterloo, Alexandria and Redfern with Central. Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the growing number of people travelling on two wheels showed the importance of continuing Sydney’s bicycle network. “Bike lanes keep riders safe – research by […]

George St to be “reimagined”

Over $9 million in public artworks is expected to be funnelled into George St over the next decade, in a bid to revitalise Sydney’s main street. The City of Sydney Council recently announced plans to transform George St into a "light rail and pedestrian boulevard" complete with public art to reflect its heritage and identity. […]