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Pokies reform to prevent problem gambling

By ALLISON HORE The pokie industry in NSW is set for a big shake up as the Berejiklian government drafts legislation to help combat the state’s gambling problem. Under the proposed legislation family members of problem gamblers could apply to have their relatives banned from gaming venues and facial recognition technology could be used to […]

Casino gift turns nightmare

By WENDY BACON NSW police have charged a 30-year-old man after an investigation into his gambling transactions at The Star casino in July. He was searched while he was at the casino and more than $10,000 in cash, $50,000 in casino chips and documents were seized. A search of his home resulted in police seizing […]

Blow up the pokies

by JOHN MOYLE In 2000 Tim Freedman of Australian band The Whitlams urged us to “Blow Up The Pokies” and that sentiment is even more urgent today. That Australians love to gamble is an understatement when the national gambling records for 2017-2018 reveals they bet more than $208 billion across all legal forms of wagering, […]


Not everybody will agree with me but I find the rising Crown Casino tower at Barangaroo downright scary. Its bulging frame, which will eventually dominate everything within cooee, looms over the waterfront resembling a Godzilla or Transformer-like monster. Its architectural merits aside I have to say I find it incredibly menacing, even more so with […]

Every dog has his day: Foley’s tax gamble

By Kieran Adair NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley won the ALP rare praise in the Daily Telegraph last week, promising a $339 million tax cut for the racing industry if elected this March. The move has been opposed by critics who accuse Mr Foley of playing populist. The announcement follows recommendations made by a Legislative Council […]

Eastern suburbs campaign promotes early help to gamblers

By Chris Sutton A new advertising campaign will encourage problem gamblers in Sydney's east to seek early help. The state-wide campaign encourages gamblers in East Sydney, particularly Bondi, to address the issue before it becomes too serious. Sondra Kalnins, the team leader at Inner City Gambling Help on Hope Street, said too many people were waiting before reaching […]

Bar Fly: Sky Terrace

Blackjack! Yep, in two out of my first three hands. “Rooftop gambling. Thank God it’s fake money!” My BFF posted on her Facebook. Nah, with that kind of streak, I wished it had been real; but it WAS only for FUN as part of the Sky Terrace launch party.