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Queens Of The Pub

Queens Of The Pub is an explosive new exhibition of photography and costuming by Gerard O’Connor and Marc Wasiak. Portraying scenes from different eras, O’Connor and Wasiak force a modern day confrontation of the past through the intricate and precise costuming. The story told by each scene speaks to the wit, wantonness, chaos, and control […]

Art Month 2017

BY DANIEL JARAMILLO.   The month of March brings the start of an annual contemporary art festival in Sydney known as Art Month. Art galleries around the suburbs of Redfern, Chippendale and Surry Hills band together to showcase up-and-coming visual artists and it’s great fun for people who are interested in exploring the more creative […]

Stefan Dunlop & Adrian Hobbs at Galerie Pompom

Galerie Pompom starts off their new year with two new exhibitions, Stefan Dunlop’s 'I like your old stuff better than your new stuff' and Adrian Hobbs’ 'Parental Guidance Recommended'. Dunlop will showcase four pieces at Pompom where he focuses on the romanticising of natural landscapes, some within historical moments. The Queensland based artist used candy and […]

Agency of Inanimate Objects – Izabela Pluta

Izabela Pluta's photographs are black and white but they invoke a multilayered world of kaleidoscopic colours. Agency of Inanimate Objects, her new exhibition at Galerie pompom is an intriguing display of versatility and innovation. Pluta takes the discarded objects of materialist society and transforms them into monuments of aesthetic beauty. The artist focuses on society's […]

Home Town – Heath Franco

A little bit disturbing, a little bit funny and a little bit poetic, Home Town by Heath Franco is an original and reflective audiovisual piece that exposes the lunacy of life. Using raw footage of the beautiful Australian landscape, Franco portrays eccentrics from his hometown of Berridale with comic dialogue and costuming. The characters of […]


Hidden in a corner of Chippendale, Galerie pompom's tiny white space shelters a sensory wonderland with Stockland. The show is a reminder of the talented artists who were represented in the gallery through the year. Diversity and innovation are key notes of the exhibition. The visual feast of Nana Ohnesorge's psychedelic swirl, Dead or Alive, […]


Charles Dennington’s Double, Time. Climb is a quirky show which mixes lush photography with sparse minimalist installations. The contrast is intriguing. The exhibition was inspired by the artist’s visit to his childhood home. This is reflected in New Collection, a presentation of found objects that is reminiscent of the contents of a child’s pockets. Other […]


Five large, bright oil paintings by Sydney-based artist Leo Coyte are sufficient to transform the endless white walls of Galerie pompom into the archetypal pizzeria. With Pizzeria Coyte continues to explore his interest in assembled portraiture, creating faces from a combination of fantastic and banal images. The works immediately strike you with their playful use […]