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While There’s Space Between Us

It is no secret that Sydney's creative arts sector has been hit hard by COVID-19 and the subsequent restrictions on public gatherings. So it really should come as no surprise that a new photography exhibition has taken inspiration from this current moment in world history. While There's Space Between Us is a photographic series by Sydney artist, […]

The Martians Are Coming

When Sissy Reyes recently went to Finland for a month of intense photography, her original idea turned into something much more mysterious. “I’ve never been in a landscape like that before” Sissy said. Being in the lush fantasyland of Finland, it was easy for Sissy to think outside the box. The Martians Are Coming is […]

The Lost Boys of Sudan

Can you conceive of seeing your best friend eaten alive, only feet away from where you stand? I can't. The man sitting beside me is telling me how this happened to him, and that is only a small part of his amazing story. The original Lost Boys of Sudan were some 25,000 mainly boys (girls […]


There isn’t a sugar skull or sombrero in sight at the Mex-tli: Mexican Goddesses exhibition. Created by Sydney cinematographer Sissy M. Reyes and Melbourne production designer Yunuen Pèrez, both Mexican migrants themselves, the exhibition draws on mythology and history to challenge the stereotypes surrounding Mexican culture. Mex-tli presents a more complex, empowered image of Mexican […]