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REVIEW: Gabbi Lancaster’s ‘The Art Of Flow’ Online Art Workshops

BY RENEE LOU DALLOW Gabbi Lancaster is a unique artist with a penchant for dreamlike art works based on nature. Her art is an inspiration for those needing a break from the turmoil of the world in which we live. Lancaster’s Art Of Flow course is all about encouraging people, whether they be beginners or professional […]

Online arts workshop set to help Sydney unlock creativity

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young The online-based arts organisation, The Art of Flow, is offering a Five Day Creative Adventure Workshop later this month. Run by artist Gabbi Lancaster, the program seeks to unlock artistic flow in even the most skeptical of participants.  Lancaster has been teaching arts programs to children and adults for 15 years. Online […]

Gabbi Lancaster – Topaz

Gabbi Lancaster is an inspiring artist full of the good vibes with her art centred on sharing tenderness and the power of healing. She does this through concentrating on peaceful themes such as light reflecting on water. Gabbi said, "Watching light change is meditative. Also water is healing and connective. Just listening to the whispers […]

The Sky Is Falling

In our modern cities, buildings appear to be replacing nature, trees seem to be visible only when visiting a park or going for a bush-walk. A new group of artists working under the name of “Project Kollective Spaces” are putting together an exhibition that combines visual art with a strong message of conservation titled, The Sky […]

Sydney’s new Jams

Nightlife in Sydney will amp up with the addition of three new live music venues. The Jam Gallery and Spring Street Social have been causing a stir in Bondi Junction, while The Factory Floor is about to open its doors in Marrickville. The Jam Gallery is an underground live music venue on Oxford Street that’s […]