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Berejiklian Govt stomps on transparency

BY WENDY BACON Public accountability and transparency are often described as core principles of modern parliamentary democracy. However, it is one thing to set up accountability mechanisms, it is quite another for those mechanisms to deliver actual accountability by which is meant a willingness on the part of public officials to account for or accept […]

Strange Political Bedfellows

BY MERRILL WITT Political pundits are predicting that candidates from One Nation, the Christian Democratic Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Australian Conservatives or the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party could possibly hold the balance of power in both houses after the NSW state election. While the prospect of a far-right agenda dominating the next parliament […]

Light rail project off the rail

By Allison Hore A report detailing findings from the Public Accountability Committee’s inquiry into the Light Rail project’s impact was released last week, revealing the “profoundly experienced” effects of the project. The parliamentary inquiry was set up in May last year to investigate the impact of the CBD and South East Light Rail project on […]

The grass is definitely greener

BY STATON WHALEY A recent proposal for the legalisation of marijuana, put through to Parliament by the Greens Party has gained support from civil libertarian Senator for NSW, David Leyonhjelm. With both the Greens’ and Leyonhjelm’s outspoken support for cannabis usage many are left wondering if the devil’s lettuce is so evil after all. A […]

Ultimo community pushes campaign for bigger school

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS The Ultimo Pyrmont Education Campaign Committee has ramped up its campaign to attain a primary school which will adequately service the rapidly growing area. The group was formed a month ago by Mary Mortimer, who feared that attempts to gain political traction for the inner city school had failed. Since the group […]

Zoe’s Law gets bumped

A controversial bill to grant foetal personhood, expected to be brought on for debate in this parliamentary session, has been delayed in the upper house and now faces an uncertain future. Zoe’s Law, as it is known, would declare an unborn child to be a separate living person once it exceeds 20 weeks gestation or […]

News in brief

Give us a minute Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s procedural etiquette came into question at Monday night’s council meeting, with two councillors upset at the lack of prior notice for an important mayoral minute. The paper addressed the new laws concerning liquor licensing and the Lord Mayor’s recommendations for the City to consider. “Given this is […]

Councillors all aflutter online

SKETCH The unending skirmish between City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Liberal councillor Christine Forster has rekindled on the battlefield of Twitter. It was prompted by an article in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, in which Forster suggested that the pavement of well-trafficked Sydney streets could be replaced with a soft-fall material similar to […]

Christian Democratic Party lacks ‘basic human rights’

Political campaigners highlighted the Christian Democratic Party’s lack of concern with regards to basic human rights and justice following the party’s obstruction of a motion in the NSW Parliament last week to commemorate transgender victims of violence. The motion put forward by the Greens on Transgender Day of Remembrance intended to acknowledge the harassment, discrimination […]

Woman’s right to abortion threatened

Legal personhood would be granted to a foetus in NSW for grievous bodily harm offences and may threaten a woman’s legal right to terminate her pregnancy, under a bill tabled to State Parliament. The Crimes Amendment Bill, tabled by Liberal MP Chris Spence, seeks to recognise the separate existence of a foetus of a pregnant […]