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Much Ado – REVIEW

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young For Shakespeare lovers and newcomers alike, Much Ado at Marrickville’s Flight Path Theatre is set to make you content with laughter. The show, which has been adapted by lead actor and executive producer, Hal Jones from Shakespeare’s script, features the quick wit of the original in a contemporary setting. Walking into the […]

Flight Path Theatre’s Much Ado brings Shakespeare to the masses

By Lucinda Garbutt-Young If you’ve always thought you should like Shakespearian work but can’t quite get your head around it, Flight Path Theatre’s Much Ado is the play for you. This modern adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, running July 29-August 13, strips one of Shakespeare’s most popular scripts down to the bones. Fringe, one-scene […]

The Sweet Science of Bruising

In an exciting co-production, Theatre Travels and One Good Act presents a new mounting of Joy Wilkinson’s The Sweet Science of Bruising this June and July in Marrickville’s Flightpath Theatre. Wilkinson’s play about four disparate women whose worlds intersect in the boxing ring is as thrilling as it is thought-provoking. Set in London smack in […]