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REVIEW: The Woodcutter Story – A Bizarre Finnish Film

The Finnish production of The Woodcutter Story is one of the cinematic offerings at this year’s Scandinavian Film Festival. Pepe is a woodcutter living in a small Finnish town. His life is perfectly happy until he becomes unemployed owing to the closure of the lumber mill. Within days his life has changed drastically but he […]

Finland’s bizarre film ‘Hatching’ is a mixed bag

From Finland comes this bizarre film, best described as something of an oddity and a mixed bag, which will leave audiences asking, is this a horror flick or a thriller? Tinja is a 12-year-old girl, who tries her hardest in competitive gymnastics to please her mother. When Tinja kills an injured bird, she takes its […]

Scandinavian Film Festival 2014

The inaugural Scandinavian Film Festival comes to Sydney, screening a curated selection of 21 films from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. The critically acclaimed selection of comedies, dramas and documentaries ensures there’s a film for all tastes. Scandinavian films rarely receive cinematic releases in Australia and this festival allows audiences to experience them as […]