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The Conference (Die Wannseekonferenz) – REVIEW

No visual horror, no graphic imagery, no depictions of violence, yet this film will chill you to the core.  in January, 1942, a conference took place in the Wannsee Villa, a magnificent mansion on Lake Wannsee on the outskirts of Berlin. It was a star chamber of 15 elite Nazi personnel, organised and led by […]

A heart-warming documentary

Film Kids is an inspirational feature-length Australian documentary produced and directed by award-winning film maker, Bernard Weber, and imagined into reality by the special needs students of St Edmunds College, Wahroonga.  The film is centred around several teenage students with various intellectual disabilities who are each given the chance to make a short film about […]

Historical Aussie film at Randwick Ritz

Newsfront is a “must-see” for people interested in the history of cinema in Australia, and for those working in and consuming today’s news media. First seen in 1978, Newsfront dealt with the politics of Australia between 1948 and 1956. This included Robert Menzies’ re-election as Australia’s Prime Minister, the 1951 referendum to ban the Communist Party, […]

SHADOW – Screening In The Screenability Program at SFF

The Sydney Film Festival is currently screening, and audiences have the opportunity of attending the Screenability Program which highlights the incredible work of filmmakers with disabilities. “This program is part of a suite of initiatives designed to boost the participation of underrepresented groups in the screen industry,” explained festival director Nashen Moodley. “The focus of […]

Julian Assange Documentary, Ithaka

This documentary ultimately asks, is Australian editor, publisher and activist Julian Assange a hero or villain? And is the ideology that ‘the truth will set you free’ merely that – an ideology that will never see fruition? Assange founded WikiLeaks (a whistle blower website) in 2006 and the world took notice when in 2010 he […]

‘Mother Mountain’ explores Indigenous mother-daughter relationships

Loosely weaving together strands of spiritually, Mother Mountain is a tapestry of mother-daughter relationships, often troubled and sometimes toxic. All under the formidable shadow of Gulaga, Mother Mountain. Deftly incorporating Judaism and Aboriginal beliefs, director Celina Stang’s semi-autobiographical film portrays Selene, mother of pre-teen Shani and little Marco, and husband Dean, as they settle into a […]

Abortion drama ‘The Happening’ is a deeply moving film

Set in post-World War Two France, The Happening tells the story of Anne, a promising student of literature who has no redress in her unwanted pregnancy. She tries a number of ways to end the pregnancy, leading to betrayal and humiliating episodes: the trusted doctor who prescribes shots that actually strengthen the foetus, the pal who […]

Czech And Slovak Film Festival Returns To Sydney

The Czech and Slovak Film Festival returns to Sydney this year for its 9th presentation. Over the course of five days the festival will be screening 11 of the highest quality movies and nine shorts produced in these countries. COVID-19 restrictions have had devastating effects on film industries throughout the world, but Festival Director Ika […]

Archie Roach documentary ‘Wash My Soul In The River’s Flow’

BY JARROD WOLHUTER Wash My Soul In The River’s Flow is a music documentary by national treasure, Archie Roach. Through the quintessential concert, Kura Tungar – Songs From The River (2004), Archie and legendary First Nations singer-songwriter, Ruby Hunter work with the 22-piece Australian Art Orchestra. This acts as the perfect canvas for Roach to […]

The Last Mountain – a beautifully tragic documentary

Everybody understands that climbing the world's highest mountains is an arduous, gruelling & dangerous task, but for some people the pull of conquering these giants is unshakeable. Tragically this mysterious pull would draw two mountaineers to their untimely deaths – a quarter of a century apart. The Last Mountain is a documentary which explores the […]