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REVIEW: The Phantom Of The Open

It wouldn't be a surprise if audiences, while watching the British biographical comedy-drama The Phantom Of The Open, whisper in disbelief to the person sitting next to them in the cinema, ‘this can’t possibly be based on a true story!!’ Maurice Flitcroft (Mark Rylance) was a dreamer and became a legend of the golf world […]

‘Mother Mountain’ explores Indigenous mother-daughter relationships

Loosely weaving together strands of spiritually, Mother Mountain is a tapestry of mother-daughter relationships, often troubled and sometimes toxic. All under the formidable shadow of Gulaga, Mother Mountain. Deftly incorporating Judaism and Aboriginal beliefs, director Celina Stang’s semi-autobiographical film portrays Selene, mother of pre-teen Shani and little Marco, and husband Dean, as they settle into a […]

Farewell, Mr Haffmann

The historical WWII drama - Farewell, Mr Haffmann - is set during the German occupation of Paris in 1941 when Jews were being rounded up and mercilessly transported to concentration camps. The film doesn’t concentrate on the atrocities being committed to these communities but revolves around three characters and how their decision to defy the […]

Maybe Someday, a melancholic non-binary road trip film

The quietly composed film Maybe Someday follows Jay, a photographer recently separated from her wife, on a journey away from her old life and towards a new and unmapped path in Los Angeles. On the way, she visits a high school friend, once (and perhaps still) a BFF, and a divorced mother Jess. In a sense, […]

The Duke – the greatest art heist ever?

Based on a true story which occurred in 1961 this British film details the tribulations of Kempton Bunton, an elderly man who couldn’t keep a job and allegedly stole Goya’s portrait of the Duke Of Wellington worth £140,000 from the National Gallery in London. The film opens where he’s in court facing criminal charges for […]

‘Nowhere Special’ is a beautiful and heart wrenching film

Sometimes watching a relatable and emotionally charged movie can inspire people to appreciate and not take family and other loved ones for granted. Based on a true story Nowhere Special is a beautiful and heart wrenching film handled with intense sensitivity as a single father desperately trying to find the perfect adoptive family for his […]

Miss Marx – Punk rock biopic of feminist & social activist Eleanor Marx

BY IKI MINOGUE Set in 18th century Germany, the biopic Miss Marx tells the story of feminist and socialist activist Eleanor Marx. The film begins with Miss Marx delivering the eulogy of her father, now known as the father of communism, Karl Marx. Not long has passed since Eleanor Marx buried both her mother and […]

Drive My Car

BY OLGA AZAR Deeply moving and immensely long, Drive My Car is a meditation on the hazards of connection, both outward and inward, and how compromises made between the two can create unexpected reflection. Negative, positive, and often explosively neutral in this subdued film. Based on a short story by Haruki Murakami and co-written (with Takamasa […]

Ethnic Rom-Com ‘India Sweets And Spices’

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible flick about ethnic communities along comes India Sweets And Spices, an American rom-com from the producer of Crazy Rich Asians. This film explores the secrets and lies that are uncovered within a family when an Indian college freshman returns home for the summer and romances a young […]

The Hating Game Adapts Sally Thorne’s Novel Into A Future Cult Classic

REVIEWED BY RIDA BABAR For anyone interested in a slow burn, enemies to lovers on-screen adventure, look no further. The film adaptation of the 2016 novel by Sally Thorne, The Hating Game is the perfect fit for girls-night-in and has all the makings of a future cult classic. While contemporary romance is no doubt a […]