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Let Him Go

Grandparents George & Margaret Blackledge (portrayed by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane) have no idea of the terrifying ordeal that awaits them when they venture off to North Dakota in a desperate attempt to remove their grandson from Lorna, their former daughter-in-law, and Donnie, the abusive step-father of their grandson. “I’m not coming back here […]


Judging by Mel Gibson’s recent cinematic offerings he has unquestionably lost his mojo in selecting quality scripts that transpire into quality viewing for movie-goers. Latest on his doomed bandwagon destined for box office failure and universal ridicule is this alleged drama which centers on an obnoxiously evil rich kid who, unhappy with the lump of […]

Never Too Late

Australian filmmakers have always had a problem producing successful comedies, more often than not being cheesy, poorly written with contrived performances and cringe-worthy gags that leave audiences wondering how the film ever made it past the scripting stage. Finally, a comedy Australia can be proud of. Never Too Late is refreshing, funny, boasts a stellar […]

Baby Done

From New Zealand comes this relatable comedy about relationships and the severe adjustment issues brought about by impending pregnancy. Zoe (Rose Matafeo) is expecting but doesn’t initially tell her partner Tim (Matthew Lewis). She feels she hasn’t lived to potential and has the desperate urge to be wild and reckless. Her partner ultimately exclaims, “One […]

The New Mutants

After a long and tumultuous production process the new entry in the Marvel X-Men universe has finally arrived on screens. However, rather than following Professor X and his band of well known mutants The New Mutants introduces the audience to five brand new teenage mutants as they come to grips with their powers and the […]

Made In Italy

This film should help fill the void for those people who dream of travelling overseas during these unchartered times, as international lockdown continues owing to the infectious COVID-19 pandemic. Filmed in the picturesque Tuscan hills in Italy, this is the heart-warming story of a father and son who travel to Italy to renovate their derelict […]

We’ll End Up Together

A group of friends reunite to celebrate their pal’s 60th birthday and in the process, old wounds are reopened. They argue, drink and party - and let’s not forget the near-tragic seaside tragedy. Sound familiar? It’s the basic synopsis of this and many other films, most notably the recent Australian film Palm Beach. The entire […]

The Vigil

Many horror classics bind themselves to the occult or catholic dogma. The Vigil, a first time feature outing for director Keith Thomas, takes a different tack by instead focusing on Jewish methodology and belief. The Vigil follows Yakov (Dave Davis), a disenfranchised member of the New York Jewish community who is drawn back in by […]


In a global political climate dominated by Black Lives Matter rallies Burden arrives at a poignant time in world history. A true story based on the 1990s story of a Ku Klux Klan member who has a change of heart thanks to the influence of his new girlfriend.  When Mike Burden (Garret Hedland) meets Judy […]

Sea Fever

Set aboard an Irish fishing vessel which encounters a parasitic plague and thus enters into a forced quarantine, the themes of Sea Fever hit close to home given the current global pandemic. Sea Fever follows Siobhán (Hermione Corfield), an Irish marine biology student who is tasked with joining a fishing crew on their latest voyage in […]