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The Vigil

Many horror classics bind themselves to the occult or catholic dogma. The Vigil, a first time feature outing for director Keith Thomas, takes a different tack by instead focusing on Jewish methodology and belief. The Vigil follows Yakov (Dave Davis), a disenfranchised member of the New York Jewish community who is drawn back in by […]


In a global political climate dominated by Black Lives Matter rallies Burden arrives at a poignant time in world history. A true story based on the 1990s story of a Ku Klux Klan member who has a change of heart thanks to the influence of his new girlfriend.  When Mike Burden (Garret Hedland) meets Judy […]

Sea Fever

Set aboard an Irish fishing vessel which encounters a parasitic plague and thus enters into a forced quarantine, the themes of Sea Fever hit close to home given the current global pandemic. Sea Fever follows Siobhán (Hermione Corfield), an Irish marine biology student who is tasked with joining a fishing crew on their latest voyage in […]

It Must Be Heaven

No matter where we go, people are always the same. Such is the essential truth of life that is explored in It Must Be Heaven. Elia Suleiman (who wrote the film and also stars as himself) moves to three different countries, plying his trade as a writer. Meeting a colourful cast of characters from New York […]

Burning Kiss

Every so often a low budget film surfaces which raises the question – how did this project make it beyond the scripting stage? The story of a crippled detective who is on a mission to solve the mystery of who killed his wife is underwhelming, to say the least, the very least. A whodunnit Aussie […]

Come To Daddy

Elijah Wood's latest film, Come To Daddy, is perhaps one of the hardest films to categorise in recent memory. The film opens with a simple premise, a son reunites with his estranged father in a remote house overlooking the water. Obviously, with estrangement comes a tension between Norval (Elijah Wood) and his father (Stephen McHattie). […]


This dramedy could best be described as a hit and miss... but unfortunately more miss than hit. The premise was promising - while having lunch in a European ski resort a controlled avalanche tears through a restaurant as a family of four are about to enjoy lunch. The husband exits in terror leaving his family […]

Dark Waters

In this big business versus the little guy legal drama, Mark Ruffalo plays Rob Bilott, a corporate lawyer who switches allegiances when he discovers a decades-long dark secret in the waters of West Virginia. Dark Waters is a procedural and straightforward true story based upon Nathaniel Rich's New York Times article, The Lawyer Who Became […]


Miranda Nation's first venture into film writing and directing is a heart-wrenching tale of postpartum depression fused with the trauma of sexual assault. Undertow revolves around photojournalist Clair (Laura Gordon) and pregnant teen Angie (Olivia De Jonge). When these two women initially cross paths it is unbeknownst to them that their lives have been inextricably […]

Defiant Lives

This film gives great insight to the lives of people with disabilities. The stories shared and vulnerable places people go to create a deep sense of compassion in Defiant Lives. No one can judge until they've walked in another's shoes and that could not be more true when Defiant Lives so honestly shows the truth about the […]