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Steven Spielberg’s Epic Adaptation Of ‘West Side Story’

REVIEWED BY RENEE DALLOW Spielberg’s epic film brings together a wonderful ensemble cast who sing, dance and act up a storm. Opening with an aerial shot, eventually settling on a slum area reduced to rubble, with reckingball in plain view, we meet the Jets. Immediately aware of simmering tensions when a Jet throws paint on […]

A ‘Delicious’ film you can almost taste

REVIEWED BY RENEE DALLOW The French film, Delicious, is part of this year’s Alliance Francaise Film Festival. It is a film that you feel you can taste. The French do not just cook to eat, they cook to live. Every morsel that goes into the pan is treated with love and respect. There is a scene […]

Zola Is An Only In America Tale

BY RENEE DALLOW Zola is a quirky, twirking, trailer trash film based on a tweet about sex trafficking. It is also a road movie with some devious and, sort of funny, twists and turns. The whole scenario starts at Hooters when two pole dancers meet and decide to team up. The real fun, however, begins […]

The ‘Eternals’ Have Arrived, But Have We Seen It All Before

The latest Marvel blockbuster has just hit our screens and in all its grandeur it really feels like we’ve seen it all before. It’s a feast for the senses with high-tech CGI, deafening sound effects, humorous dialogue and an incredible battle finale which won’t disappoint the avid fan base. But is it actually a rehashed […]

Terror rises in It Came From Below

Plop, drip, plop are the scary sounds in It Came From Below, another story about youngsters venturing into ill-advised scenarios, in this case an underground cave. Brother and sister, somewhat estranged, come together as the sister wants to vindicate her father’s research. Coming along for the midnight picnic of the creeps is the brother’s girlfriend, […]

Queer horror flick ‘Death Drop Gorgeous’ has it all

Monster Makeup, LLC is an independent entertainment company based out of Providence, Rhode Island in the USA. Aside from creating music, art and scary monsters, they now also produce low budget horror films funded primarily from public donations. Their first feature Death Drop Gorgeous is a LGBTQI slasher flick and screened in over 20 film festivals […]

You Cannot Kill David Arquette and his passion

The documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette might initially be dismissed as a vanity project as David Arquette, a B-list actor best known from the Scream movies, embarks on a journey to redeem his shambling WCW (World Championship Wrestling) championship reign from nearly 20 years ago. At the time, his budding Hollywood career went off the rails […]

Percy vs Goliath

Percy vs Goliath is the age-old tale of underdog against ruthless behemoth in humble canola-farmer, Percy (played by Christopher Walken) taking on multi-national giant and doombringing organisation, Monsanto in a modern version of the Bible’s David vs Goliath. Percy is a third-generation traditional canola farmer who keeps his seeds from season to season only replanting […]


By Mark Morellini The reality of dementia is depicted in this powerful and highly emotional gay-themed tearjerker that stars Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci delivering absolute career-best performances. Suffering from dementia middle-aged Tusker (Tucci) is on a road trip holiday with his loving partner Sam (Firth), possibly their final holiday together as dementia slowly consumes […]


Everybody who works a mundane nine to five job will have moments when thy feel like a nobody and wish they could be something more. For Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk, of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame) his monotonous life as an accountant becomes too much to bear when intruders break into his house […]