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Local Boy Makes Good: Anthony Albanese talks his journey from Camperdown to Canberra

By DANIEL LO SURDO Anthony Albanese’s entry into public life seemed as much destined as it was desired. He was raised in an inner-city public housing estate by his single mother Maryanne, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and survived on the disability pension all her life. In 1984, he was the first person in his […]

Spin: Election 2022 at Enmore Theatre

Charles Firth is one of three political wits behind Spin: Election 2022, in which The Chaser Digital and The Shovel present “a comedic masterclass on the upcoming election.” The other two wits are James Schloeffel, from the The Shovel, and the entertaining Mark Humphries (from the ABC’s 7:30). Schloeffel’s witty satirical journal, The Shovel, was born […]

Students protest asylum seeker relocation

By Xiaoran Shi A group of five protestors blocked off a main road outside Villawood Detention Centre on Tuesday, April 15, temporarily obstructing traffic and stopping two buses transporting 23 asylum seekers to facilities in the Northern Territory. The direct action, organised autonomously by a group of students from the University of Sydney, UNSW and […]

A first class foreign policy tour

SKETCH There was not so much as an Anzac biscuit, let alone steel-cut oats, available on Tuesday night as Bob Carr conversed with former WA premier Geoff Gallop about his memoir. Indeed, the only refreshment apparently on offer at the University of Sydney law school was a tumbler of water for the guest of honour […]

We are all hostages when the wheels go up

There had always been something a little weird about the pilot. Whenever the subject of Captain Abbott came up, many people mentioned the male anorexia thing. “There’s gotta be something weird about a man who runs all those triathlons,” they’d say, and they’d speculate about self-punishment. There would usually be (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) some talk about […]

A life lost in vain

Last week the Afghan government released 65 suspected Taliban militants from prison. The US military, due to pull out of that benighted country by the end of this year, were outraged, of course. US officials said the detainees were “directly linked” to attacks that killed or wounded 32 NATO troops as well as 23 Afghan […]

Cautious optimism on Indigenous referendum

A leading Indigenous campaign group is optimistic about a referendum on Indigenous recognition in the constitution, but warned that a “no” vote would be “a terrible outcome” for the country. In his New Year’s Day message Prime Minister Tony Abbott said his government would attempt to hold a referendum recognising Indigenous Australians as the traditional […]

Asylum outrage sparks community campaigns

Community groups advocating a more compassionate approach to asylum seeker policy have reported large increases in membership and engagement. The renewed interest is thought to be in response to recent media coverage highlighting the living conditions of asylum seekers at offshore processing centres on Manus Island and Nauru. Reported controversies include the confiscation of glasses, […]

Spying scandal pulls focus from Indo-Australian culture gap

The row over Australia’s spying activities in Indonesia has thrown our political and diplomatic relationship into turmoil. But it’s the social and cultural links between the two countries which most need to be protected, local experts say. Wenzel Sutantio, former president of the Indonesian Students Association at the University of Sydney, said the relationship between […]

Grant cut puts sport on shaky ground

The abolition of the Federal Government’s Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF) will cost Leichhardt Council $130,000 for ball court upgrades that had previously been approved under the program. The RDAF was intended to fund capital infrastructure projects identified as priorities for regional areas and local communities. The previous Labor government had allocated $1 billion under […]