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Budget ‘leaving us ill-prepared’ for sustainable future: Climate Director

By SEJA AL ZAIDI A climate expert has warned that the funding for fundamental science critical for public health and environmental sustainability "has really been missed", calling Australia "ill-prepared" for the future. Andy Pitman, the Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, said that the spending on the fundamental science […]

Linda Scott calls for ‘long-term’ local funding after $500m budget backing

By DANIEL LO SURDO City of Sydney councillor and Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) President Linda Scott has praised a $500 million extension of a roads and community infrastructure program as part of the newly-announced federal budget, but has said that greater funding for local councils is still needed to provide "long-term benefits" to Australian […]

Bondi braces for backpacker upheaval

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS The removal of the tax-free threshold for working holiday visas in the federal budget has Bondi backpackers fired up and local businesses bracing for economic loss. From July next year, backpackers will be taxed at 32.5 per cent from the first dollar they earn in the country, despite citizens and permanent residents […]

Federal budget: Abbott’s “infrastructure fail”

By Emily Contador-Kelsall   Public transport was largely left out of the recently announced federal budget, casting doubt over Sydney’s future transport solutions. Current transport projects in Sydney including WestConnex and the CBD and South East Light Rail have been criticised for being inappropriate transport solutions for the city. The City of Sydney commissioned and […]

Federal budget to cut funding to vulnerable TAFE sector

The sweeping changes to the higher education sector outlined in the federal budget earlier this month will see a continuation of the cuts that TAFE institutions have already suffered across the state for years. Ultimo TAFE tourism student Sam Koh believes that the decision to slash $1.5 billion from the vocational education and training (VET) […]

Student banned from campus after protesting education cuts

A University of Sydney student has been banned from campus after participating in a protest staged during a visit from Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. On May 16, about 50 students held a snap action against Ms Bishop in the wake of the federal government delivering the most severe budget for tertiary education in national history. […]

Healthcare cuts cause budget backlash

Cuts to healthcare announced in the federal budget have sparked widespread concern for the future of affordable and accessible healthcare. The proposed cuts to public hospital funding and imposed surcharges on GP consultations and prescription medications have triggered protest around the country. While all Medicare recipients will be affected by the rising costs, low-income earners […]

Naked City: Vivid still makes us livid! – The Grumpy Guide, part 2

  In 2013 we reflected on five year’s of Sydney’s Vivid Festival. We noted even after a number of high-profile curators like the late Lou Reed and the doggie friendly Laurie Anderson, many people perceive it as a Seinfeld festival –  a festival about nothing! Six years on and we see nothing to change our […]

Prime time outrage over education deregulation

In the federal budget announced on Tuesday night, Treasurer Joe Hockey unveiled the most sweeping changes to the higher education sector since the 1970s, including the deregulation of tertiary education fees and increases to student contributions. These reforms are what students from the Education Action Group were drawing attention to when they staged a protest […]