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NSW gambles with democracy

By WENDY BACON The NSW Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) has already established a strong case that NSW Labor disguised a prohibited $100,000 donation from Chinese businessman and property developer Huang Xiangmo by organising ‘straw donors’. A number of minor supporters and donors have admitted that they signed false declaration forms in 2015. One of […]

Australia’s small and regional newspapers come up short

By Lawrence Gibbons Australia has long had one of the most concentrated levels of media ownership in the world. Following recent changes to cross-media ownership laws, further consolidation has resulted in two corporations, Nine and News, now maintaining an outright duopoly over the majority of commercial news coverage in Australia. When the law was changed […]

Light rail project off the rail

By Allison Hore A report detailing findings from the Public Accountability Committee’s inquiry into the Light Rail project’s impact was released last week, revealing the “profoundly experienced” effects of the project. The parliamentary inquiry was set up in May last year to investigate the impact of the CBD and South East Light Rail project on […]

Unfairfax: Sydney’s media Goliath

By Linda Hoang A proposed merger of the Nine and Fairfax Sydney media giants is awaiting approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The merger is made possible following reforms last year to Australia’s two-out-of-three media law. The rule prevented a single company or person from commercial control of all three television, radio […]

Fairfax and Google become Pyrmont housemates

A new arrangement between two of the most recognisable brands in Australia has led to the radical reimagining of a Pyrmont office space. Internet giant Google has moved into the second floor of Fairfax’s Pyrmont offices, subleasing the space from the struggling media company responsible for newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and […]