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Hands Like Houses – Hands Like Houses EP

Canberra's Hands Like Houses are back with a brand new self-titled EP consisting of five very compelling new tracks. With over 10 years together touring the world the five piece band have a plethora of experiences, emotions and inspirations to draw a upon for this EP.  Obviously with the success the group has already seen […]

ATLVS – Memoir

The debut EP from Gippsland, Victoria metalcore group ATLVS immediately hit the listener with an aggressive wall of sound which rarely relents. The group deliver incredibly fastpaced, punchy metalcore breakdowns throughout the six-track EP. Upon this heavy foundation, the group layer their music with a deep, thoughtful lyricism which focuses on memories of anger, betrayal […]

Lil Halima – for the dark days

The second EP from rising Norwegian pop star Lil Halima is an incredibly honest, vulnerable and mesmerising glimpse into her life, particularly during the polar darkness of her hometown in Northern Norway. Whilst for the dark days is described as a pop record it doesn’t follow the typical norms of the genre. Rather this EP […]

Mikey Mike’s – Life On Earth

Californian Mikey Mike’s debut EP Life On Earth has a very distinctive sound to it, thanks to its blending of pop sonics, philosophical lyricism, indie guitar rock and soul melodies. Throughout the record Mikey debates the meaning of life, friendships, and the end of the world. All through a positive, and occasionally humorous lens. With […]

AFI – The Missing Man

The latest EP, The Missing Man, from punk legends AFI is everything fans of the band have grown to love throughout the years. The Missing Man is aggressive while simultaneously being easy to listen and sing along with. Comprising only five short tracks the record is punchy and doesn’t ever skip a beat, something which […]

Sanctum & Solace – Made Wrong

North Queensland hardcore outfit Sanctum & Solace’s new EP Made Wrong is full of insight into the human condition amidst a chaotic soundscape. Over the course of the six song EP the group explore the major flaws facing many modern people. The main talking points are the fixation on the shallow satisfaction sought from material […]

Project Mama Earth

Exotic and enticing Project Mama Earth’s self-titled album is encouraging to the listener. The album draws a strong connection between itself and nature, placing the listener in it, the good and the bad pulling on them simultaneously. Like a thought the listener keeps in the back of their mind, it rushes forth vivid but familiar, […]

Yoko-Zuna – Luminols EP

This EP is a Yoko-Zuna taster. It is a mixed bag of styles, each track differing stylistically from the last. Each is surprising and interesting by itself and together they make a treat for the adventurous listener. There is a considerate dose of hip-hop and an even helping of electronic, mixing together in a very […]

Deer Prudence – Deer Prudence EP

A simple melody is sometimes all the listener needs. The listener has a sensation of wading into the ebbing music, an undisturbed current flows past and nudges gently at them, expressing itself in a small way that encourages them to follow. Simple melodies often repeated with a slowly saddening emphasis serve to punctuate the song […]

Kings of Cough Syrup

Melbourne’s indie duo, Kings of Cough Syrup, have released their debut self-titled EP. Creating a soothing, yet haunting atmosphere with their soulful sounds and distinctively changing tempos, they have incorporated a range of instruments to produce a set of unique songs. They experiment with the styles of each song, incorporating electrical rhythms to spice it […]