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REVIEW: Honour

Joanna Murray-Smith takes a familiar domestic scenario – a man who leaves his wife of many years for a much younger woman – and examines the perspectives and feelings of each in detail with great humour and compassion. She also presents the effect of the breakup on the daughter of the couple, as well as […]

Money And Friends

It is said, “you can ask a friend for anything… except money.” The Ensemble Theatre is presenting Money And Friends by David Williamson as a play reading directed by Mark Kilmurry. Imagine a lovely relaxing beach holiday with friends. Sunset cocktails by the ocean or by the pool in your charming holiday resort, away from the […]

REVIEW: Crunch Time

After an extremely successful career spanning 50 years playwright David Williamson has announced his retirement leaving audiences with his final theatrical production, an engaging story of family relationships. Veteran actor John Wood is Steve, a headstrong and insensitive father of two sons who “has won an incredibly unlucky lottery” and is dying of cancer. He […]

REVIEW: Black Cockatoo

Geoffrey Atherden has a great ear for dialogue and an ability to tell a story that extends beyond the written page. Black Cockatoo recounts the little known history of an Aboriginal Australian cricket team, put together by a wily white manager, Charles Lawrence (Colin Smith), who took them on tour through England in the 1860s. […]

The Last Wife

Kate Hennig takes a fresh look at the stunning historical drama surrounding the dangerous sparring between King Henry VIII and his last wife Katerine Parr, during a very complex and bloody time in English history. On one side of this conflict is Henry VIII, who was King of England from 1509 until his death in 1547, […]

REVIEW: Shirley Valentine

Written in 1986 by English playwright Willy Russell, this monologue delivered by the 42-year-old Shirley Valentine is a cri de coeur from a woman who realises her life has been circumscribed by housework, an ungrateful and boorish husband and an unappreciative daughter.  Her silent confessor, the wall of her kitchen, listens patiently as she explains […]

Ensemble Theatre’s 2018 Season and 60th Anniversary

The Ensemble’s 2018 season includes four world premieres from Australian writers, an adaption of an award-winning French play, four comedy classics from master playwrights and two gripping international dramas. Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry is directing five of the plays, while the other five are directed by guests John Bell, Mitchell Butel, Susanna Dowling, Nadia Tass […]

Neville’s Island

Nominated for the Oliver and Evening Standard Awards for best comedy 1992, Neville’s Island, written by popular playwright Tim Firth is showing at the Ensemble Theatre to provide an entertaining night out for the audience. This comedy follows four business men who find themselves trapped on an island in the Tasman sea. They can see […]

REVIEW: The Rasputin Affair

Petrograd, 1916: three men walk intently around a small table upon which is a fine china plate upon which is a single cup cake topped with bright pink icing. They examine the cup cake scrupulously and regard it with awe - for this same cup cake may determine their own fortunes and the future of […]


Jim Cartwright is one of Britain’s most prolific and well-known playwrights, and his play, Two, is one of the most well produced plays across the UK and Europe. Two has been done in several languages all over the world. Cartwright is quite insightful, and a beautiful creator of characters. The play has been localised with […]