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NRMA candidate warned

By ANDREW CHUTER The NRMA’s Returning Officer has issued a warning to one of the two candidates for the Harbour Region because information about his candidacy appeared on an anti-Westconnex Facebook site, a site that the candidate has no control over and has never visited. The NRMA Candidates Code of Conduct 2019 Election of Directors […]


During the recent Federal Election, noises were made by both the major parties as to plans for a high-speed rail system along the Eastern Coast. Labor seemed to be more committed to the idea, promising to buy up the real estate needed before it became too expensive. It’s a project of course that has been […]


In a world where a reborn nationalism is very much to the forefront throughout the political landscape, the recent election of a TV comic in Ukraine probably came as no surprise. That Volodymyr Zelensky won by a landslide, with 73% of the vote, says a lot for the average voter’s disillusionment with modern-day politics and […]


With a Federal Election looming a new form of street art has suddenly appeared all over Australia. Not some mindless variant on popular graffiti or a lovingly painted street mural – no,  it’s the defaced Clive Palmer United Australia Party billboard. With a budget that seems to know no bounds, Clive has been plastering the […]

The Bondi Local Takes on the Title of Wentworth

  Deputy Mayor of Waverly Council, Dominic Wy Kanak has been selected by The Greens as the candidate for the Wentworth electorate after a by-election was announced for the seat. The Greens officially launched Councillor Wy Kanak’s campaign for the seat of Wentworth in August during the leadership spill which saw former Prime Minister, Malcolm […]

The business of being independent

BY ANGELA STEVENS   For the first time in 60 years the seat of Wentworth might go to a non-Liberal, and while this probably says more about what’s gone on in Canberra than the quality of the candidates, independents and single issue party candidates have picked up on the scent of an opportunity. One of […]

Phelps for Wentworth

BY JOHN MOYLE Few independents have had their entry into federal politics as highly anticipated as that of Dr Kerryn Phelps. For weeks the polling results for the upcoming by-election for Wentworth have carried provisos that the candidate positions would be affected if Dr Phelps decided to run, and now she has. “It wasn’t on […]

Liberals could face backlash in Waverley Council elections

BY ANITA SENARATNA   Located in Sydney’s leafy eastern suburbs and home to one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, Waverley Council is traditionally Liberal party heartland. But the failed merger with Randwick and Woollahra  councils and the deeply unpopular Bondi Pavilion upgrade have left a bad taste in voters’ mouths, and this could translate to […]

Inner West Council race tipped to go to Greens and Labor

BY GEORGIA CLARK Four months into a highly awaited round of campaigning, candidates of the Inner West Council’s Stanmore ward are vying to take the helm of one of Sydney’s most vibrant communities. With the election just weeks away, the battle is tipped to be a game-changer for the area. Political heavyweights, the Greens and […]

Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne re-elected

Labor's Darcy Byrne has been re-elected Mayor of Leichhardt with the support of the Greens at a meeting of Leichhardt Council on Wednesday night. Liberal Councillor John Jobling contested the position but was defeated eight votes to four. Labor's Linda Kelly was re-elected Deputy Mayor over the Liberals' Tony Constantino. Greens Councillor Rochelle Porteous said […]