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WestConnex noise takes toll on HSC students

By ELYSIA COOK Students sitting the HSC locked down in homes near WestConnex construction sites have had their studies affected by “relentless” drilling. The HSC trial exam period nears its conclusion as Sydney enters its tenth week of lockdown. On August 11, the NSW government lifted the snap ban on construction, just a week out […]

Slow NAPLAN growth for elite schools

By LANIE TINDALE NAPLAN data shows lower academic growth in elite schools compared to the New South Wales state.  Of the top 22 most expensive schools in NSW, 16 showed lower gains in NAPLAN numeracy and reading results than the state average from 2016 to 2018 among current Year 11 students.  This cohort were in […]

Struggling students to be cut off from HELP loans

By ALLISON HORE New legislation being proposed by the Australian government as part of the Job-ready Graduates package will leave low performing students without government support, if it passes through parliament. Under the scheme students with a “low completion rate” will no longer be able to access a Commonwealth supported place, HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP. For […]

Appeals of home schooling

By ISABELLE STACKPOOL Eight-year-old Sierra has a hard time sitting still. Her body is constantly moving, up and down, twitching and tapping. She bounces around the room, jumping across furniture and playfully crawling along the floor. Her mum explains that this is where the classroom problems started. That her Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and […]

Real Bodies: The Exhibition

Where do we come from? What are we made of? Why are we here? These are the biggest questions we as human beings have every single day. Imagine Exhibitions, the producers of the recent Titanic: The Exhibition, have once again put together a stunning and thought-provoking exhibition with Real Bodies: The Exhibition. Real Bodies: The […]

International Grammar School, proudly inclusive

BY JADE MORELLINI International Grammar School (IGS), is nestled among refurbished warehouses between the University of Sydney, Notre Dame, UTS and Wentworth Park in Ultimo. They have been providing a world-class education for girls, boys, and young women and men since 1984. Secular and independent, the school offers a unique bilingual program with 1,200 students […]

PCs in penitentiaries

BY JADE MORELLINI According to research and experience, access to computers in prison has proven to be extremely beneficial for prisoners, better equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to assimilate back into society. Prisons such as Long Bay Correctional Centre in Matraville could see computers provided to inmates to facilitate their return […]

Inner city school still on waiting list

By Holly Jones   The high cost of space in Sydney’s city have slowed building plans for the highly sought after inner city school. The desire of the Government to cater for the inner city parent’s push for an all-inclusive school is being stalled by the inability of the City of Sydney and The NSW […]

Mixed response for state plans to build inner city schools

Sydney’s population is expected to grow by 1.3 million people by 2031, according to a recent report, which means that a shortage in education facilities will soon become a major issue. In response, the state government’s Department of Education and Communities (DEC) has launched a consultation process which gives voice to parents, educators and members […]

Project Re:make for Education

Discarded artworks have been rescued and renovated for an upcoming exhibition, to raise funds for a local school. Project Re:make has brought together 12 emerging artists, matching them with 12 abandoned artworks, all of which will be available for viewing and purchase on March 29. The funds will be donated to East Sydney High, a […]