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Ed Sheeran Sydney Concert Announced

Early this morning global music superstar Ed Sheeran announced a Sydney concert as part of his massive run of stadium shows during his + - = ÷ x Tour (pronounced ‘The Mathematics Tour’). Sheeran will be performing at Sydney's Accor Stadium on Feb 24, 2023. This tour will be Sheeran's first tour down under since his record […]

Julia Michaels

In regards to music, the most powerful element is always the lyrics. When a song has a strong emotional story underpinning the melodies and rhythms it can connect on a deeper level than perhaps any other entertainment medium. Nobody understands this line of thinking more than acclaimed songwriter turned performer, Julia Michaels. When Michaels first […]


Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) is a struggling singer-songwriter with mediocre talent and a near extinguished career. One night, while riding home on his bike he is hit by a bus. At the exact same moment, a solar flare causes a barely perceptible shift in reality. Malik wakes up to a world in which The Beatles […]

REVIEW: Matador

Dark, sexy and sultry this immersive extravaganza, which is the creation of Bass Fam, is a sweltering red-hot integration of burlesque, dance and circus. The production is a mesmerising and unashamedly arousing theatrical experience, which should appeal to all mature audiences. Fourteen young talented performers take to the stage in this predominantly fast-paced show which […]

Kasey Chambers

Next year will mark 20 years since the release of Kasey Chambers’ debut album, The Captain, and yet despite this she is still incredibly humble and self deprecating when speaking about her journey. “To be honest when I first started playing music, even before The Captain, I resigned myself to the fact I would never […]

Eminem – Revival

Aside from the final two tracks on Revival one gets the sense that Eminem went into the studio to record this record without a clear direction and point he wanted to convey. This lack of direction manifests itself both in the lyrical content and the underlying beats. Throughout the record the beats are simple and […]