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Good Things Are Coming

As summer approaches, so too does music festival season. The Australian music festival season is littered with a diverse array of options for fans of all but one genre, that being punk-rock/heavy metal. This gaping hole in the market was created following the collapse of Soundwave Festival in 2015, thankfully for Sydney’s punks and metal-heads […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide Nov 9

Terra Lightfoot: Much lauded Canadian singer-songwriter Terra Lightfoot has just released her album New Mistakes and will visit our shores for the first time tonight. The soulful rocker has created quite a buzz in her home territory of Canada, and has already found a strong following in countries such as France and the UK. Now […]

Ecca Vandal

Whilst it is incredibly tough to nail Ecca Vandal down to just one genre there is one core element to her music that is undeniable, that being her raw, unbridled energy. Throughout her debut self titled album this trend continues. During the opening half of the record Vandal dips her toes into 90s-esque pop-rock, even […]

Ecca Vandal – End Of Time EP

What happens when you take a little bit of hip-hop, some electronic synths, a hint of punk rock, and finally a heaping dose of pop, and dump them all into a blender? Well you get the debut EP from Melbourne starlet Ecca Vandal. Throughout the majority of the adrenaline fuelled five track offering the young […]