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WestConnex takes its toll in Annandale

By WENDY BACON WestConnex contractors chopped down scores more trees in Annandale late on Monday night, just hours after residents protested against the destruction of Buruwan Park, which will make way for road widening and a giant overpass across to Rozelle. Since 2016, 8000 trees have been chopped down across Sydney's Inner West by WestConnex, […]

Selling NSW – Berejiklian style

BY WENDY BACON Last week, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian told the Sydney Morning Herald that her government had taken the politics out of building things. Her comment was designed to gloss over the obvious fact that this election is all about the politics of destroying and building things, especially the Sydney Football Stadium. Before we […]

WestConnex dirty secrecy games

BY WENDY BACON AND LUKE BACON Fresh evidence of poor air quality in St Peters has been actively hidden from parents and the community by WestConnex. This includes higher levels of fine particulate matter which is known to be dangerous to health, especially that of small children, pregnant women, older people and those with heart […]

Newtown: King Street clearway moves trade away

BY WENDY BACON The NSW Government has backed down on its promise not to introduce clearways along Newtown’s King Street. Last week’s announcement by the government that weekend clearways would be introduced in King Street has upset many in the community. Clearways are designed to remove parking whilst speeding up traffic, but are known to […]

Ministers dodge WestConnex debate

BY WENDY BACON NSW Minister for Roads Duncan Gay loves to abuse critics of WestConnex as “nasty little anarchists”, “hippies” or “zealots” who are part of the “chattering classes.” He does this to divide them from the people of Western Sydney who are supposed to benefit from the project. Mr Gay particularly dislikes the people […]

Spending on smaller scale feared as light rail disruption draws near

BY LEXY AKILLAS CBD businesses fear that the state government has not put enough planning into alleviating anticipated pressures and congestion of the light rail construction. City of Sydney Councillor and owner of VIVO Café Angela Vithoulkas said she was concerned about the level of disruption that would impact both on locals and community, and […]

‘Dinky little bridge’ costing a fortune

By MIRIAM WEBBER The NSW Government’s $38 million pedestrian bridge in Moore Park is under fire from transport advocacy group EcoTransit. The Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter Pedestrian bridge, currently in operation but not fully completed, is a six metre wide walkway over Anzac Parade. It was designed to accommodate heavy pedestrian traffic during events at Moore […]

Trevor Davies Remembered on Abercrombie St

By CHRISTOPHER HARRIS It’s been four years since Chippendale character Trevor Davies died but time hasn’t silenced the friendly and passionate voice friends and locals remember. Friends and locals gathered on Saturday July 25 at Charles Kernan Reserve on Abercrombie St in Darlington. Present was City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore who officially opened […]

Minister’s “us-versus-them garbage” won’t work for WestConnex

By Wendy Bacon     NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay has been accused by St Peters residents opposed to the WestConnex motorway of using “grubby wedge politics to sell the toll road”. Mr Gay dismissed those campaigning against the WestConnex as “lefty trendies in the inner suburbs”, speaking at a ceremony to mark the beginning […]

Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter walkway opened

Last Friday February 27, the contentious Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter walkway was officially opened in Sydney by NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay and Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres. According to the state government, the pedestrian and cycling bridge above Anzac Parade at Moore Park aims to provide safer and more direct access to major events. Mr […]