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Everyone loves a crispy bottom. Chewy pot stickers packed plump with filling are aplenty at Chinese Noodle Restaurant. Dumplings are steamed, boiled or panfried in groups of 12 or 16 for a really decent price. Complimentary tea is plonked in front of you when you arrive and condiments of soy sauce, vinegar and chilli are […]

Taste of Shanghai

The empire has landed in World Square, giving shoppers a step up from the usual food court fare. Here you can have a bottle of wine - the T'Gallant Juliet Pinot Grigio ($36/bottle, $7.50/glass) goes down swimmingly - and gorge on dumplings all day and night.

Mrs Mi

It doesn’t feel like a food court restaurant inside a shopping mall, in fact it doesn’t feel like you’re inside at all. Mrs Mi in Chatswood Chase brings the authentic taste of Northern China's Shanxi region into what appears to be a bustling and vibrantly coloured street-side location.


Despite good instructions from enthusiastic floor Manager Quinton Van Schalkwyk, most of my meal is spent debating and creating the perfect cup of tea with my British dining companion.

Din Tai Fung Central Park

The signature item at Din Tai Fung is Xiao Long Bao ($10.80), the semi-legendary pork soup dumplings that have carried this restaurant across continents.

The Argyle turns to Asia

The Argyle restaurant and bar is set to introduce a new South-East Asian feel for summer. The new-look venue in The Rocks has incorporated a food menu, cocktails and renovations fit to suit the theme. Head Chef Michael Nguyen, newly appointed after working in Surry Hills’ Red Lantern, has joined forces with Saké Restaurant and […]

Lotus Dumpling Bar

Chipping through the brickwork to reveal the Asian heart of Walsh Bay, this new dumpling hot spot is already attracting quite a crowd! The aesthetic is post-industrial Shanghai steampunk, with vintage Edison light globes hanging over a gleaming copper bar, and copper utility pipes echoed in footrests, handrails and shelving.