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With a spate of music festivals on the Australia Day long weekend, the NSW Government still cold on pill testing and punters continuing to take their chances with dodgy MDMA tablets, at least the criminal fraternity is celebrating. Whilst much of the product is imported it’s no secret that ‘cooks’ are working overtime in clandestine […]

False stats used in ‘War on Drugs’

BY SARAH MCLENAGHAN The drug related deaths of two people at Sydney’s Defqon music festival last weekend have led to calls for a drug policy focusing on safety and public health rather than punishment. It has been revealed data measuring the level of drug possession incidents occurring in NSW has been double-counted for the last […]

Safe And Sound

By Jamie Apps While the never ending ‘war on drugs’ rages on, young lives continue to be lost. Yet one of the most effective and proven harm minimisation methods, pill testing, continues to be ignored in NSW. Internationally, particularly in Europe, pill testing at music festivals has been implemented for almost 20 years. Just last […]

Roundtable sees red over war on drugs

By RYAN QUINN Members of community group REDWatch have taken aim at drug prohibition and its negative effects on the Redfern Waterloo area at a roundtable event. Problems with prohibition and the state’s current methadone program were discussed by fifteen attendees at The Factory Community Centre, Waterloo on Thursday August 6. City of Sydney Greens […]

Beneath the ice: Housing’s junky haven exposed

BY ALEXANDER LEWIS An ice addict inhabiting Ultimo public housing has terrorised her fellow tenant Anna Hamilton for three “sleepless” years. But Housing NSW has refused to relocate either tenant, despite a litany of complaints from Ms Hamilton and NSW Police. Earlier this month, Housing NSW successfully appealed an order from the NSW Civil and […]

Highs and lows of summer festivals

It’s that time of year again. For some, it’s simply the festive season. But for many young Sydneysiders, it’s festival season, an entirely different beast. As temperatures soar, so too does anticipation among the thousands of pleasure-seeking festival-goers whose summer will be filled with music, adventure, communion and, quite possibly, ecstasy. Sydney’s festival culture (with its attendant […]

Further calls for eviction of drug users from public housing

There have been renewed calls in the suburbs of Redfern and Waterloo for tenants of public housing who have a history with serious drug crimes to be evicted permanently. Redfern's Local Area Commander Luke Freudenstein appeared on the ABC Radio Program The World Today and called for increased powers to remove trouble residents from the […]

Black Rainbow

When faced with making a decision can one ever really know what is right or wrong? Kathy Petrakis explores the human moral code through the dark underworld of Sydney – homelessness, drugs, and violence – in her dark and realistic production, Black Rainbow. The story follows the double life of teenage boy Ahmed Khoury as […]

The Armstrong Lie

The Armstrong Lie provides an insider’s view into the downfall of Lance Armstrong. The legendary cyclist was stripped of his titles in 2012 after admitting he took performance enhancing drugs. "There have been two opposing narratives," confesses Armstrong at the beginning of the documentary- and he claims he will deliver the true one. In a montage […]

Steroid use “widespread”

The frequency and brutality of violent, drunken brawls on Sydney streets has led some to speculate that steroid usage might be fuelling this aggression. The state government announced on Tuesday that it will increase the maximum penalty for supply and possession of illegal steroids to 25 years. John Terilli, owner of Broadway Gym and former […]