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Drone versus drought dilemma

by PAT SHEIL NSW is still under Level 2 water restrictions, but due to current dam levels surging in the recent rains, Sydney Water and the NSW Govt will ease the restrictions back to Level 1 from March 1. One Sydney resident recalls a post-Xmas dilemma he faced concerning water wastage during the drought.. One […]

Future water: desalination or preservation?

by ALEC SMART The NSW Government Water Minister, Melinda Pavey, has directed the operators of Sydney’s desalination plant to expand the premises as soon as possible to cope with the ongoing drought. The plant, near Captain Cook’s landing place in Kurnell on the southern side of Botany Bay, will double in size and output to […]

Dam water restrictions affect Eastern Suburbs

By Vanessa Lim Water restrictions were implemented on the 1st of June, affecting residents all over Sydney. Due to the prolonged drought, dam levels have declined from 95% to only 53% capacity in NSW. This catalysed the implementation of Sydney Water’s level 1 water restrictions, with some restrictions including banning the use of standardised sprinklers, […]

While Sydney drowns, country bakes

BY ALEC SMART A newly released study by the University of NSW has confirmed that urban centres will experience intensified flooding as global temperatures rise and storms become more severe. Unless flooding is properly managed, it is expected to impact harshly upon city living. But by contrast, the countryside is drying up. Despite heightened rainfall […]