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Lockout laws take new twist

Opinion By ANDREW WOODHOUSE Kings Cross is at the epicentre of a storm. This week the state government’s Joint Select Committee on Sydney’s Night Time Economy delivered its report. It recommended 40 changes to controversial lockout laws. Lockouts were introduced in February 2014 to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence. Teenager, Daniel Christie, died in January 2014, the […]

Best of Sydney 2017

We’re never tourists in our own cities, but perhaps we ought to be. Often there are things that stop us in our tracks — a snazzy bit of street art down a hidden lane; a perfect bowl of noodles with just the right amount of bite; the sky looking a certain way at a certain time of the day as the sun sets over the harbour; a dirty ibis crouched on top of a bin, pecking at the remnants of lunch.

Leichhardt continues to evict mummy’s little helper from sports fields

BY ALEXANDER LEWIS Parents watching their kids play sport on the weekend will have to learn to cheer without beer as Leichhardt council cracks down on those who like to knock back a few on the sidelines. The council made it compulsory in June for clubs wishing to use Leichhardt fields next year to become […]