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You have to feel for architect Philip Cox, as despite a temporary legal injunction, the wrecking ball hovers ominously over his Sydney Football Stadium – a mere 30 years since his innovative design was first realised. It’s almost akin to watching an innocent man on death row, waiting in vain until the final day of […]

Pure Gold Live

If you were a '70s, '80s, or '90s kid and yearn to go back to a simpler time with some really killer music – this is the night for you. In celebration of the Hordern Pavilion’s 90th birthday, WSFM101.7 and iHeartRadio have put together a one-night-only production showcasing the best loved Australian artists of the […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide March 6th

  Gold Panda: He has a pretty extensive list of collaborative projects on his resume, but this week Derwin Schlecker will be gracing audiences with his London charm completely solo. Hailing from Peckham, Schlecker has dabbled in a range of electronic genres, including dubstep, chillwave and ambient throughout seven EPs and two studio albums Lucky […]


Dragon have announced their Trilogy Tour which honours the three distinct ages that define the rise of one of Australia’s most iconic rock bands. They include The young years (from 1973 to 1979), the glory years (from 1982 to 1998) and the phoenix years (from 2006 onwards). For the first time Dragon is hitting the […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide September 26th

Dragon: For a band famed for epic songs of rock and roll debauchery, it’s not often they decide to completely strip back all they have created. However, it wont be a problem for Auckland formed foursome Dragon, as they take the sounds from various points in their stellar career and lay them bare throughout their […]


After recently celebrating four decades of recording and touring, Aus-Rock veterans Dragon, are now reaching a new milestone. The third incarnation of the band, or the "Phoenix Years" as they’re styling themselves, are about to play their five-hundredth show. “It’s been seven years years with this line-up,” says front man Mark Williams, who speaks slowly, […]