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Faruqi’s voice for nature

BY MERRILL WITT Last year, at a meeting to discuss NSW’s dwindling koala population, the Greens Senator for NSW Dr Mehreen Faruqi explained that in the early 2000s she moved to the Port Macquarie area with her husband and two young children to become Manager of Natural Resources and Catchments for the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council. […]

Westconnex stage 3 rorts begin

BY WENDY BACON NSW Planning approved Stage 3 of WestConnex despite receiving formal advice from the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that a more detailed environmental assessment of its impacts on the community was needed. Along with other government agencies, the EPA was given a final opportunity to respond to the NSW Roads and Maritime […]

Koala wake up call

BY ADDIE MORTON An Australian icon is in danger and the only political party to recognise this are the New South Wales Greens. Wild koalas are disappearing at an alarming rate due to the impacts of logging, land clearing, and urban development. As a result the area has seen koala numbers decline by an estimated […]

Opposition mounts to government’s bike laws

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS The Greens have said the narrow defeat of a disallowance motion on Tuesday in NSW Parliament shows that contempt for the government’s new bike laws are widespread. The laws, which include steep hikes in fines for cyclists, as well as a proposal to make carrying identification mandatory for riders, has angered cycling […]

Greens calls for tougher measures to end puppy farming

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS AND SHON HO Puppy buyers will have the ability to trace an animal back to the original breeder as well as update the details of their dog online, as part of the new Companion Animal Breeding Standards released by the government last week. Pure bred breeders association, Dogs NSW welcomed the move and […]

Metro draws criticism from transport group

BY KENJI SATO The NSW Government’s revised plans for a Sydney Metro have drawn criticism for being privately run and not integrated with existing transport. On November 16, the government announced a proposal to alter the plans for the Sydney Metro by extending it a further 17 kilometres into Liverpool. This would change the current […]

“Disguised ag gag bill” passes in NSW parliament

BY KENJI SATO Legislation cracking down on animal rights activists who trespass onto farms passed through the NSW Upper House last week. The 2015 Biosecurity Bill passed in its entirety, after amendments put forward by the ALP, the Greens, and the Animal Justice Party were rejected. Under the new laws, animal activists who trespass onto […]

Get ready to change trains more often under the new Metro

BY ALEXANDER LEWIS Don’t like changing trains on the way to work? Well, you’re going to have to get used to doing it a whole lot more, according to NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance. The Sydney Metro, for which the government unveiled plans earlier this year, will supposedly double the capacity of our train network. […]

Riding into a storm: Sydney cyclists face politics on two fronts

By JAZ SINGH-BRAR & CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Cycling groups have slammed the NSW Government’s idea of a licensing scheme for riders, saying there is no evidence of a need for identification. One group said the idea of a licensing scheme is the government’s mechanism to cause division in an otherwise unified interest group. Bob Moore of […]

Demolish Glebe Island Bridge: report

A report suggesting demolition of the old Glebe Island Bridge would be most cost-effective has been derided by Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne as "biased and incomplete". The "Options for Glebe Island Bridge" report, by ACIL Allen Consulting, said savings would come from reduced maintenance costs and reductions in travel time for maritime vessels passing through […]