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Review: Ablaze

The documentary “Ablaze” is a paean to Aboriginal rights activist William Onus, and a fascinating tour of suppressed Australian history. Filmmakers Tiriki Onus and Alec Morgan have created a gripping film exploring the life and times of William Onus, Tiriki’s grandfather. It’s something of a mysterious treasure trail. Tiriki discovers a suitcase in his mother’s […]

Julian Assange Documentary, Ithaka

This documentary ultimately asks, is Australian editor, publisher and activist Julian Assange a hero or villain? And is the ideology that ‘the truth will set you free’ merely that – an ideology that will never see fruition? Assange founded WikiLeaks (a whistle blower website) in 2006 and the world took notice when in 2010 he […]

When The Cameras Stopped Rolling – A Documentary By Coogee Local

When The Cameras Stopped Rolling is a documentary which delves into the career of trail blazing filmmaker Lilias Fraser who was born in 1930 and tragically died in 2004. A Coogee local Fraser directed 40 films during her career and was one of the few women directors of those early years to break into a man’s world […]

Archie Roach documentary ‘Wash My Soul In The River’s Flow’

BY JARROD WOLHUTER Wash My Soul In The River’s Flow is a music documentary by national treasure, Archie Roach. Through the quintessential concert, Kura Tungar – Songs From The River (2004), Archie and legendary First Nations singer-songwriter, Ruby Hunter work with the 22-piece Australian Art Orchestra. This acts as the perfect canvas for Roach to […]

The Last Mountain – a beautifully tragic documentary

Everybody understands that climbing the world's highest mountains is an arduous, gruelling & dangerous task, but for some people the pull of conquering these giants is unshakeable. Tragically this mysterious pull would draw two mountaineers to their untimely deaths – a quarter of a century apart. The Last Mountain is a documentary which explores the […]

‘I’m Wanita’ Australian country music documentary

Making it big in the music industry is not quite as easy as it may seem as 47-year-old Aussie Country singer Wanita, also known as Australia’s Queen of Honky Tonk, discovered. This inspiring documentary won the Best Australian Documentary Award at the Sydney Film Festival and will be screening in cinemas. Audiences will be introduced […]

Lion Spy exposes big game hunting in new documentary

BY RENEE DALLOW With rhino’s on the verge of extinction and a similar fate about to befall the 20,000 lions left in Africa, Australian filmmaker, Rogue Rubin, decided that urgent action needed to be taken. “How could I ignore this? There is one defining loyalty in everyone’s lives and this was mine,” said Rogue. Disguised […]

Delightful Documentary ‘Julia’ Looks At The Life Of Julia Child

A delightful documentary that looks at the life and career of Julia Child, an American cooking instructor, author and television personality who was instrumental in introducing Americans to French cooking through her book Mastering The Art Of French Cooking. Born in 1912 to a conservative family, she acquired a job as a top-secret researcher during […]

Jacques Cousteau’s life detailed in beautiful documentary

By Jarrod Wolfhunter Becoming Cousteau is the beautiful documentary that follows the incredible life of legendary French ocean polymath and adventurer, Jacques Cousteau. Cousteau pioneered oceanography and captivated the world with his ground-breaking films and TV series that gave an entire generation a front seat to a never-before-seen, under-the-sea kingdom. Becoming Cousteau was created by […]

Aboriginal deaths in custody investigated in The Bowraville Murders

When one of three Aboriginal children vanished in the small-populated town of Bowraville, NSW in 1990, the initial response the parents received when reported to the police was, “What do you want me to do about it? I’m about to knock off.” Compelling viewing this documentary deals with the racism the Aboriginal community experienced from […]