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Discovering a way to express your creative passions can often take some time, this was especially true for Sydney producer and DJ Sippy. From an early age Sippy loved music but it took a number of years experimenting with different instruments and styles before finding her love for electronic bass music. “I played piano from […]


The music industry, particularly electronic music, is still very much a “boys club” but DJs and artists like Alison Wonderland and Sports are leading the women’s movement. This weekend Alison Wonderland is hosting her very own festival, The Wonderland Scarehouse Project, which further cements herself as Australia’s leading lady of electronic music. Whilst this is a […]


If you’ve come across anything in the art world that combines theatre and DJ’ing whilst exploring issues around androgyny and gender identity then maybe you know about MDLSX the hybrid performance by Italian theatre company Motus. If you’re not aware of it then perhaps it is time you should be. This incredible performance will be […]


In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the decks is where he spent most of his days. Jeff Townes, better known as DJ Jazzy Jeff, is one of the world’s most experienced and sought-after DJs. In the early days of his illustrious career Townes worked with friend and collaborator Will Smith on the local circuit […]


You’d be lucky to catch Kanye or his mate Jay-Z laughing at themselves as they rap their way through a game of celebrity heads, but that’s exactly the unserious attitude to hip-hop that Sketch The Rhyme adopts in their enthralling live shows. Sydney-based MC Joel Rapaport has been developing the show for the last five […]