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Fire Island – The Gay Rom-Com We All Need

By Linc Jenkin Having never seen, read, or consumed, in any way, Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, the basis for the hit new movie Fire Island, I was able to view the film with a virgin eye. While I’m sure Austen aficionados would say that nothing comes close to the original iterations on page or […]

The Silver Tunnel

Warwick Moss’ upcoming The Silver Tunnel is a whirlwind dark comedy thriller about Sydney’s oldest graveyard and the gloomy secrets it holds. With the entire play performed in a church, the play stars high profile actor Ric Herbert of The Rocky Horror Show and Underbelly, and a talented newcomer, Tim Matthews, who has credits in […]

Neighbours Evicted?

By Rida Babar A new announcement by the Morrison Government will see changes in the regulation of film and television content laws in Australia, throwing a massive spanner in the works for the industry’s COVID-19 recovery plan. Australia’s arts and entertainment sector, which has already seen massive devastation all year due to production restrictions, will […]

Keeping The Lights On, Barely

BY ANNIE LEWIS The devastating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic have been far-reaching, and the arts sector has ground to a halt in many ways as a result. From the Opera House and Capitol Theatre right through to the Belvoir and Giant Dwarf theatres there have even a plethora of cancelled shows as a cloud […]

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

In this second instalment of Disney’s re-imagined Sleeping Beauty story, we open with Princess Aurora in the forest racking her brain over how to unite the creatures of the Moors and humans of King John’s kingdom, when Prince Philip appears and proposes to her. Marriage! Problem solved. Not so fast - there’s still two hours […]

The Lion King

Disney continues down the ‘live-action’ remake path with perhaps their most iconic and thus lofty effort to date with an update of 1994’s The Lion King. The 2019 version of the film sees director John Favreau employ photorealistic CGI to recreate the 1994 version almost scene for scene, beat for beat. As such it is […]

REVIEW: Disney On Ice Celebrates Mickey And Friends

For 90 years the legacy of Walt Disney has been entertaining children in various mediums. Whether that be short television cartoons, feature-length animated or live-action film and now even an ice-skating spectacular. Leading the charge on this show is the perennial favourite Mickey Mouse, along with his lovely partner Minnie. Also joining Mickey and Minnie […]


Will Smith is back! His lead act of singing, dancing and smooth-talking in the new Aladdin movie is simply entertainment at its best. Wait a minute -  lead? See that’s the problem with Aladdin - Will Smith just simply overpowers the rest of the cast, and while that was kind of expected to a certain […]


Dumbo is a film with heart, soul and everything else in between. There are some very macabre moments when your heart is literally in your mouth and moments when you are jumping up on your seat with the pure joy of just being a part of the magic. A faded pastiche of times gone by […]

Avengers: Infinity War

After a decade and 18 prior movies the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) converges for the war of all wars. The one key through line for Avengers: Infinity War is Thanos, who is hell bent on collecting all six infinity stones in order to create balance in the universe. It is this steadfast determination which makes […]