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There are none so blind…

Opinion by PETER HEHIR What does a burning Koala clinging to a eucalypt ablaze in the Blue Mountains, have to do with a brand new diesel-powered SUV with just the driver on board, travelling in air-conditioned comfort at 80 kilometres an hour in a WestConnex tunnel under Ashfield some 100 kilometres away? Is there a […]

Marrickville’s Liyah Knight Fuses R&B And Acoustics

By Elysia Cook Co-written by Diesel, Liyah Knight's new single Moon Baby coalesces unembellished lyrics, lilting melodies and funky guitar chords. The end result is a rich and multidimensional single. It would be a mistake to try and define the genre of Liyah Knight’s latest single Moon Baby. And that’s the point, says Knight, who […]

Diesel – Sunset Suburbia (Vol.1) EP

Acclaimed artist Diesel is set to release his first EP in a series of three. Sunset Suburbia Vol. 1 will be followed by Volumes 2 and 3, culminating in a full album release in 2020.  In his latest work, the pop-rocker takes on a softer, more reflective tone as he undertakes introspective themes such as […]

Imogen Clark

At a young age singer/songwriter Imogen Clark has already accomplished so much. For instance Imogen has performed alongside the like of Diesel, Ian Moss and Daryl Braithwaite, she has hit number one on the CMC charts three seperate times and finally is on the verge of releasing her second album, Collide. Despite this extensive list […]


Should we hold Australian rock veterans to a higher standard? Diesel is one such legend who should know better. His latest release, Let it Fly, is an overly up-beat country and western album where every single song has a super happy-fun-time chorus. Excruciatingly so. It does have some interesting tracks - If You Let Me […]