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REVIEW: Moulin Rouge at the Capitol Theatre

BY JARROD WOLHUTER The red-carpet premiere of the Moulin Rouge at the historic Capitol Theatre on Saturday night was an assault. An explosive, opulent kaleidoscopic spectacle.  The theatre production is the BIGGEST thing currently in Sydney, and will be the biggest event of 2022. The set, costumes, music, casting; the performances, dancing, choreography - everything - about this long-awaited homage to Baz Luhrmann’s ground-breaking musical […]

Des Flanagan Say Moulin Rouge In Sydney Is “Overwhelming & Opulent”

By Jarrod Wolhuter Des Flanagan is living the dream. At 26 years old, he has been performing as Christian – the lead male role in the Moulin Rouge theatre production – for over 12 months, and he still cannot fathom the gravity of his situation. He promises Sydney will be stunned by the 75 song, […]