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The Equalizer 2

Back for a second round of equalizing in one of his most iconic roles is Denzel Washington as retired CIA agent Robert McCall. Following on from the original Equalizer, based on the TV series, the second coming to the 2014 hit is directed by Antoine Fuqua with Richard Wenk at the helm of the screenplay. […]


One of the most positive upshots of the current world wide vinyl revival is the rediscovery of some truly classic albums by a younger generation. Ironically the CD versions have been available for many years, but it’s the tactile vinyl reissue that takes the listener back to that exciting time when the music was first […]

The Equalizer

What resonates about this enjoyable story is that the scenario is as old as the Arthurian legends and their notion of ‘might for right’; it’s reassuring to think there’s a good man stronger than the bad ones – a defender of the vulnerable. The hero tells a corrupt police officer “You’re meant to stand for […]


Adapted from a graphic novel series and directed by Baltasar Kormàkur, 2 Guns is a typical, cop-buddy, action movie starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. The twisted and confused plot involves both cops working undercover, unbeknownst to each other. Wahlberg works as a U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer, Washington a DEA Agent and each believes the other is […]